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My Army buddy and I were traveling to our new duty station in California. We were almost across Texas. Bit fucking state to drive. We decided to stop for the night. Along the way he picked up a case of beer. His name's Art and he's a body builder type of guy. Great fucking soldier and I was proud to call him my friend. Anyway we stopped at a flea bag motel and popped open a couple of beers. After most of the case was gone he went in to take a shower. When he came out he was completely naked. I couldn't help but stare at his cock. My cock is about six inches or so when hard but his cock dwarfed me. I was staring at a musclebound dude with a huge cock. We were both pretty lit when he said "Man, I'm fucking horny, how about you." I figured he had a plan to get a couple of women so I said I was pretty horny also. He popped open another beer and sat naked in the overstuffed chair in the room.

Out of nowhere he asked if I had ever sucked a cock? I didn't figure there was any harm in telling the truth so I told him I had sucked two guys in my life. Then he said "Come here. I want to show you something. In my drunken state I stumbled over to him and asked what he wanted to show me. He said "When I'm drunk I really like my cock sucked, so get down here and please me." I didn't know what to do. He was much bigger and stronger than me and when I hesitated he threatened to beat the shit out of me. It had been a long time since I sucked anybody off but I figured a quick blowjob was better than a beating so I knelt in front of him. I bent over and took his cock in my mouth. I could barely get three inches of his seven in my mouth. He was very thick as well. While I was sucking him I noticed my own cock was starting to get hard. I think we were both into it.

Then he told me to strip. He looked pretty stern so I stood up and took my clothes off. He could tell I had a hard-on and started to tease me about liking cock. I tried to deny it but he was having none of it. He stood up and pushed me onto the bed. He crawled up and straddled my chest, putting his cock up to my lips. Then he said "I like to watch my bitches suck my cock." He shoved his cock in my mouth and began to mouth fuck me. It wasn't four minutes and I tasted the first shot of his cum. I struggled but managed to swallow most of it. Then he said to keep sucking. When I asked why he said "'cause you're gonna get me hard so I can fuck you." I tried to protest but he overpowered me and had my arms pinned to my sides with his legs. He kept mouth fucking me until he was hard again. It took about 15 minutes. He crawled off of me and rolled me over onto my belly. He reached under me and stroked my cock a few times, then I felt his spit on my ass. He rubbed into my ass and eventually found my asshole. When he shoved a finger into my asshole I yelped and begged him to stop. He didn't. He finally pulled his finger out and I felt the tip of his cock at my asshole. He slowly pushed in until his balls were against mine. He commented on how my man cunt was tighter than any woman he ever fucked. He started to fuck me, slowly at first and when the pain went away he increased his speed until he was pounding me like I was his whore. After another 10 minutes I could feel his cum filling my asshole and oozing out past his cock. Then with his cock still in my ass he rolled us over and told me to sit on his cock. By this time I happily drunk and for some reason I really liked his cock in my ass.

Then I blurted out for him to fuck me harder. He started to pound my ass. His cock never got soft as he fucked me for what seemed like ever. When he was hard he finally pulled his cock He finally got up to take a shower. While I was washing my hair he opened the curtain and joined me. I shoved a soapy finger into my ass and cleaned me out good.....then he said to get on all fours and sucked his cock in the shower. When he was hard he turned me around, soaped his cock up and fucked me again. We slept close with him spooning me and in the morning he woke me up with his cock back in my ass and fucked me for nearly an hour.

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful but we were able to get the same room at our new duty station and I sucked his cock nearly every day for the next three years. It was the greatest three fucking years of my life. Now I'm a full fledged faggot and will suck any cock I can get hold of.