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When we got married I knew my new wife was bi-sexual. After a couple months she asked if I wanted to be in a swinger group. I have never been with another man so I told her no. Then she suggested a threesome with another woman. That was interesting. I told her I was interested so she set it up. The next Friday night our next door neighbor, Debbie came over. After dinner we all got undressed. My wife straddled my face and I was sucking on her pussy while our next door Debbie was sucking my cock. I discovered that neither my wife Lynn nor Debbie swallowed. They both took my cum in their mouths but spit it out.

The second night we were together I was sucking on Debbie's pussy while my wife sucked me. In addition she moved down and was licking my asshole. It was wonderful. Never before did she touch my asshole but this was really nice. I came pretty hard, and of course Debbie spit it out. Then the third time we got together Lynn was straddling my face and I was sucking on her pussy. Then Debbie started sucking on my cock. I felt different but was great. I mumbled I was gonna cum and when I did she kept her mouth on my cock. After another 10 minutes I was hard again and finally came a second time without pulling out. Then my wife asked me if I liked it. I said it was great. She moved off of me and I was actually watching Debbie's husband, Jim sucking on my cock. Then he took his mouth off my cock and said that was what a man could do for him. I was a little uncomfortable but admitted he was better than either of the women.

Over the next year we had many encounters, the four of us and finally he fucked me. It hurt at first, but I came to really like his cock in my ass. That was four years ago and they finally moved. Since then we've founded a swingers' group and I no suck pretty any cock that is in front of me and have been fucked so many times I can't count. She turned me into a real cock slut and we are happier now than we've ever been...