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We had been married a couple of years and my wife sucked my cock once every couple of months but she never swallowed. One night when she was sucking me she started to play with my asshole. I was loving it and didn't even think when I blurted out "That's it honey, fuck me." She finger fucked me until I came. As usual she pulled off and I shot all over my chest and belly. A couple weeks later she said she had a surprise for me. She had me get naked and pulled a butt plug out of her purse. I was amazed she even knew of such a thing but when she said she wanted to fuck me with it I was excited. Over the next year we worked up to the large plug and when we fucked I had to have a plug in my asshole in order to cum.

Then one night when I was pretty drunk she said she thought I might be bi-sexual and said she wanted to see me get fucked for real. I was drunk and said okay. She brought me a couple more beers and I was almost ready to pass out when she came back into the bedroom with another man. She said his name was Dave and he worked with her. Then she said Dave was here to fuck me. I started to protest but then she confessed that she had fucked Dave a few times and he had the biggest cock she'd ever seen and if I wanted to ever fuck her again this was happening right now. While she spoke Dave stripped. He was tall and skinny but when he dropped his shorts my eyes widened. He had a huge cock. She got undressed as well and when she was naked she took my pants and shorts off. Then she said she thought gay sex was the sexiest fucking thing she'd ever seen and was looking forward to me being fucked. Before she stopped talking Dave was on the bed and had straddled my chest. His legs were on the outside of my arms essentially pinning me down so I couldn't move or fight him off. Then he put his cock up to my mouth. Then Deb, my wife said "Go ahead honey, show me how to suck a cock. Dave pushed his cock past my lips. I'm not gay and had never sucked a cock before but found this oddly erotic. Ad the same time Deb was stroking my cock as she watched me suck this massive cock. I sucked him hard and when he started cumming I was totally shocked. He filled my mouth until his cum was coming out of the corners of my mouth. He said he wasn't pulling out until I had swallowed every fucking drop. I didn't have a choice and swallowed as much as I could.

Even after he was spent he said for me to suck him to what he called fucking length. That meant until he was hard again. It took about 20 minutes and Deb had her hand in her cunt the whole time. She had cum at least three times. Dave finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to roll over. I rolled over onto my stomach and felt him spread my ass cheeks. Then he started to tongue my asshole. Wow. What a fucking rush this was. I never dreamed that my asshole was an erogenous zone. He licked my ass for about five minutes then I felt his cock start to push into me. He spread my asshole wider than it had ever been. I thought it would be painful but I was relaxed enough that he slid right in after his tongue lubed my ass. He started to fuck me. She was commenting on hos fucking hot this was seeing Dave fuck her husband. He fucked me for at least 20 minutes and asked her if he was to breed me. She said that he better cum in my ass or else it was all for nothing. He grunted and flopped down on me. He was cumming. It wasn't as much as the first load but I still felt the warmth of his cum in my asshole.

I hadn't cum yet by the time he finally pulled out. He went in to take a shower and when I rolled over she sucked my cock until I was ready to cum. When I told her I was cumming she swallowed every fucking drop. That was the first time she had swallowed my cum. Afterwards we were cuddling and she asked if I liked it. I admitted that I did like it and she said that I could suck cock or get fucked anytime I wanted as long as I agreed to let her do the same. This whole night was such a fucking shock that after thinking for a minute I told her that I agreed. I know she has sucked a lot of cock and even ate a lot of pussy but for me it was an eye-opening experience and I have been getting strange cock for the last 15 years. She made me a real cum whore but she was also. We have a great marriage and even when we fuck now it gets pretty kinky.