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Before we got married my girlfriend and I experimented a lot with sex. She had admitted that she had eaten pussy a few times. That sort of turned me on. I hadn't had any gay experiences so when she asked me about it I didn't have to lie when I told her no. For a split-second she seemed disappointed but accepted my answer without complaint. After that conversation whenever she sucked my cock her finger started playing with my asshole and after a few times I felt her finger all the way into my ass. Then after a few more times it was two fingers and she was finger fucking my ass and when I came it was explosive. "Oh fuck" I yelled as I filled her mouth. She loved taking my cum in her mouth, maybe even more than cumming in her cunt. From that night on I couldn't wait for her to shove her fingers in my ass whether she was sucking me or not. One night with her fingers in my ass and my cock rock hard she said she thought I'd like a real cock in my ass. When I said I wasn't sure about it she said that she wouldn't finger fuck me anymore until I agreed to have a real cock. She took her fingers out of my ass and got off of me. I was left on the bed with a raging hard-on and nobody to relieve me. She was in the bathroom and I called her back in the room. When she walked back in I said okay to her request. She was a real bitch sometimes and made me say the words. Finally I said, "Yes, I'm willing to have a real cock ass fuck me."

She smiled and said to relax for a few minutes. I didn't know what she was up to until she came back in the room 15 minutes later with a co-worker of hers. His name was Marcus. You guessed it, he was a large black man with slightly graying hair and a huge belly. I said "What the fuck is this?" She said "This is the cock that's going to ass fuck you, just like you agreed." I felt stuck and before I could protest she started to stroke my cock and probing my mouth with her tongue. She was getting me primed. When she whispered if I was ready I told her yes. Then she said "Oh, there's one more thing." I looked over and Marcus was now naked. I couldn't help but to stare at his half hard cock. It wasn't massive but it was a bit bigger than mine. At the same time he knelt on the bed and started to straddle my chest she said "First you have to suck his cock." He was kneeling with my arms pinned to my sides and leaned forward with his cock touching my lips. She said "That's it honey, just open up and enjoy." I opened my mouth and his cock slid in past my lips. It was soft as a baby's skin and as he started to mouth fuck me the feeling of him sliding in and out took me to another world. I pretended my mouth was a cunt and he was fucking me. I hardly noticed him getting harder but came back to reality five minutes later when he started cumming. I didn't have any choice but to gag or swallow. It actually wasn't that bad taking his cum. I noticed my cock was rock hard and I was ready to get fucked. My girl took my cock in her mouth and the second her fingers entered my ass I came. It was the hardest orgasm I'd ever had.

He continued mouth fucking me for another 10 minutes until he was hard again. When he finally pulled his cock out of my mouth I got a good look at it. It was about seven inches long, maybe a shade longer and as thick as three fingers bundled together. After I was spent she moved down to my ass and I felt her spitting my cum out and onto my ass. This was the first time she had tongue-fucked me and between her saliva and my cum I was pretty slippery by the time Marcus knelt between my legs. He pushed my legs up a bit and in one stroke buried his cock inside me. I expected pain but she had prepared me well over the last few weeks. I only felt the fullness of his big cock inside me. It was slightly curved up and every thrust brushed my prostate causing a whole new sensation. I was loving it and 10 minutes later he told me to turn over. I was on my belly with my cock pointing up toward my chin. He pushed my legs together and leaned over me. He shoved his cock back in my ass and started to fuck me like I was his woman.

While I was getting ass fucked on my belly my lady crawled on the bed and straddled herself in front of me and said to tongue fuck her. She scooted up so her cunt was right at my mouth. All I could do was mumble "Oh fuck, oh fuck" as I ate her cunt while being ass fucked. All of a sudden my nuts constricted and I started to cum again. Wow! This was fucking amazing. After another 15 minutes Marcus said he was cumming and she said to give it all to me. He came in my ass and finally pulled out. He got dressed and said he'd love to do it again anytime. He walked out and when I rolled over she laughed at the face that I came while getting fucked. She said she loved me more than ever and thanked me for doing this. She said it was the most exciting sex she'd ever had even though she didn't get fucked.

It happened several times over the next months and even after we got married. We've been married for over 10 years now and are fully into the swinging lifestyle. I've sucked more cock and had so many cocks in my ass I can almost tell you who it is fucking me by the size and technique. I've also watched her eat a lot of pussy and even get ass fucked nearly as much as me. Maybe next time I'll tell you all about the toys and gadgets.