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I'm a 55 year old widow. I live in an apartment complex with a bunch of 20 and 30 year olds. I really never got into sucking my husband's cock as he thought it was wrong and that fucking was only for reproduction. However, when he died a year ago I started masturbating a lot and started to watch porn. I was especially intrigued with older women sucking younger men's cocks. There were a couple of young married couples in the apartment so I started wearing t-shirts without a bra and wondered what would actually happen if I ever had the chance to fuck a young married man.

One night several months ago I was looking out the window and one of the young men kissed his wife good-bye as she drove away. His name was Kevin. I was looking out the window when he turned and started staring at me. I licked my lips and he put his hand on his crotch. I decided that this might be my chance so I opened my front door and when he looked toward me I quickly rubbed my hand up and down my crotch. I left the door cracked and went into the small living room. I took off my top and was just sitting there when he popped his head in the door. I said to come on in. When he stepped in I said to lock the door. He did. I stared at his crotch as he walked toward me. I said "I'm usually not this forward but if you're willing I'd like to suck your cock." He was staring at my tits and said "Oh fuck yeah." His name was Terry and he was 24 years old. He had been married for two years. He said he had never cheated on his wife before, but when he pushed his pants down and his cock popped out I didn't care about anything except his cock. I only sucked my ex husband twice and nobody else so I didn't know what to expect. But I had seen enough porn to sort of know what to do. When he pushed his underwear down I bent forward and took his cock in my mouth. Five minutes later he said he was going to cum. I pulled his cock out and let him squirt on my tits. I told him that anytime he needed a blowjob to just knock on my door. Over the next month I sucked him about eight times. Finally he said he wanted to fuck me. I let him. His cock wasn't quite as big as my husband's and he didn't make me cum but it was satisfying enough.

Then one night he knocked on my door. I opened the door a crack and he said he needed a blowjob. I opened the door and he walked in with a friend. He said his friend was Terry and he lived in apartment 306. He also said that Terry knew I loved to suck cock and was a widow. At first I was a little pissed but when we all sat on the couch and their hands were all over me I melted a little. Terry was a fat black guy and I never thought about having sex with a black guy but I had been drinking a bit so I was pretty loose. Kevin said that Terry had the biggest cock he'd ever seen and knew I would love to have him in my mouth. I thought that was pretty forward of him but when Terry pulled his shorts down I couldn't help but stare at it. He was uncut and his cock seemed pretty thick. Terry sat back and said "Okay bitch, show me what you can do." He pulled my head down as Kevin finished undressing me. I was being pulled down onto Terry's cock and took it in my mouth. It wasn't really any different than a white man's cock other than being much bigger. I sucked him until his hood was behind the head and he was getting hard. Kevin now had his hand on my pussy and was rubbing up and down on my clit. I was getting pretty turned on and when Terry was hard he said he was going to fuck me like never before. I was pretty vanilla when it came to sex but I told him to do whatever he wanted. The wine had made me uninhibited. Terry picked me up and carried me into my bedroom and dropped me onto the bed on my back. He crawled onto the bed and pushed my legs up. My pussy was already wet when he shoved his giant cock inside me. It was a feeling I never felt when married and told him to give it to me. Then Kevin straddled my chest and shoved his cock into my mouth. Although I had never swallowed before, not with my ex or with Kevin I thought if he came I would let him cum in my mouth. Terry was a fucking stud and Kevin came long before Terry. Kevin filled my mouth and I decided to swallow. His cum filled my mouth and I was lost in my own world. I swallowed every fucking drop and loved it. Too bad my husband never discovered this pleasure.

Terry was a real stud and fucked me for another 10 minutes. He asked if I wanted him to cum inside me. When I said no he pulled his cock out and flooded my belly. Then he proceeded to rub it into my skin. When he was spent he rolled over and said to suck him again. I thought about it for a few seconds and then rolled over and took his cock in my mouth. About that time I felt Kevin's fingers in my pussy fingering me. He made me cum and then shoved another finger into my ass. I sucked Terry for about 20 minutes and then he said he was cumming. I let him cum in my mouth. When we were all done we all got dressed. Terry said he had some friends that would love an older cunt like me and said they would be over the next Friday night. I didn't have time to answer before he walked out. Kevin said his wife was getting suspicious and he had to cool it for a bit. I was okay with that.

The next Friday, though, about 7:00 the doorbell rang. When I answered the door Terry walked in. He didn't even wait for an invitation. Three other big black guys were with him. He said he couldn't stay but his friends would take good care of me. I was fucking pissed but when they started to caress me and kiss me I melted and said they could do anything to me they wanted. Once again I was about half drunk when they got there. And they wore my ass out. Their cocks were all big and when John shoved his cock into my ass I about lost it. One cock in my pussy, one cock in my mouth and now one cock in my ass. I had no choice but to let them do whatever they wanted. And they did.

I have turned from a shy housewife to the biggest cum slut in the complex. I have fucked so many guys now I can't even count. One of the guys invited me to his bdsm club. I've looked it up and have seen what it is all about. I'm a little older than most of them but he said I would bring a premium audience. What the fuck. I told him yes and this weekend I'm heading downtown with him to be the main attraction.