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My wife can really be a cunt at times. It had been two weeks when she decided that our two kids were enough. She didn't want sex much anymore. I was pissed that night when I was horny and she wasn't. I told her I was going for a drink and headed to the neighborhood bar. I had never been there before and discovered when I walked in that it was a gay bar. I didn't want to seem naive so I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. I drank for a couple of hours and was feeling no pain. Then a guy came and sat by me at the bar. At the same time another guy sat on the other side. They were both pretty good looking for a couple of guys but I wasn't gay. I felt the guy on my left put a hand on my thigh and said his name was Tom. Before I could say anything the guy on my right said his name was Mark and they could do to me what my wife could never do. He said he saw the ring on my finger and knew my story. He was right on the button.

They bought me a couple more drinks and before I knew it they were both rubbing up and down my crotch. Tom asked if I had ever been sucked off by a pro. When I told him no he said that they could make my dreams come true and grabbed my hand. He said they were taking me to their apartment. It was only about a block away and I let them lead me there. I was staggering quite a bit but they steadied me until we got to their place. As soon as we walked in Tom locked the door and turned me toward him. He embraced me and kissed me. His tongue slid past my lips but I responded. I didn't even realize Mark was in the room until he hugged me from the back and undid my shirt. His hands were all over my nipples and I was loving it. Then Tom broke the kiss and knelt in front of me. He unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out through my shorts. It's quite small but he didn't seem to mind. While he was sucking me he undid my pants and pulled them down and had me step out of them. They walked me over to the couch and had me sit down. Tom knelt down and continued to suck me while Mark got on the couch and straddled my belly, putting his cock up to my lips. He said he knew I wanted it and pushed his cock past my lips. I opened my mouth to take him in and marveled at the sensation of having a cock in my mouth. At that moment I forgot all about my wife.

While I was sucking mark's cock Tom pulled me down a little and I felt him licking my ass. Then he shoved a finger in my ass. I thought it would be painful but it was quite pleasant. He finger fucked me for a bit then pulled his finger out. He asked me if I wanted more. I tried to say yes but it came out in a mumble. He must have heard me because before I knew it his hard cock was at my asshole. I was still sucking Mark's cock when Tom shoved his cock inside me. I almost came right there. I was being fucked for the first time and sucking a cock for the first time. What a fucking rush. I realized that I really wanted his cock in my mouth and began to suck like a vacuum. He came first. He filled my mouth and in my drunken state I swallowed it all. He kept fucking my mouth until he was hard again. About that time Tom said he was cumming and filled my ass with his jizz.

After Tom finally pulled out of my ass Mark asked if I wanted him to fuck me also. I said yes. He had me get on all fours on the carpet and he knelt behind me. He shoved his cock in me and fucked me for the next half hour while Tom sat on the couch watching. Mark finally came inside me and pulled out. They said that I was the tightest fuck either of them had ever experienced and for me to come back again.

The next Friday night I was feeling kind of horny and my wife said no again. I said I was going for a drink and it so happened that both Tom and Mark were sitting at the bar waiting for me. Man what a fucking night that was. We re-lived that night over and over and now I could care less about my wife's pussy as I've found a new proclivity.