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We'd been married for about a dozen years and moved into a nice neighborhood. One night there was a knock on the door and when I answered it there was only a note that said there was a party at one of the neighbor's house. I said there would be alcohol and probably some sex and if that wasn't our scene that's okay. My wife was totally turned off by the idea but I thought I go and see what it was all about. After all, I was the new man in town. When I arrived there were five other guys there and their wives or girlfriends. We just sat around and drank for about two hours. By that time I was pretty hammered and noticed that two of the women were now topless. I was staring at Linda, the hostess. She saw me looking and walked over to me. She straddled me and put a bare breast up to my lips and said to suck it. I did and noticed my own cock getting hard as she gyrated on my lap with her nipple in my mouth. Then I noticed several couples were in various stages of sex. However, none of them were with their own mates. I thought this was pretty dirty but was also so fucking hot.

Then John, the host and Linda's husband said it was game time. He brought out blindfolds and put one on every one in the room. He arranged us so the men were all standing side by side and across from them the women. He had us count off and I was a number two. Then he said that the number twos were to reach out and grab the crotch of the number ones. I did and was grabbing a nice cock. I had no idea who it was. Then he said that the number twos were to kneel down and perform oral sex on the number ones. I had always thought about what it was like to suck a cock, and since my wife wasn't here I thought this was a good opportunity so I knelt down and felt a cock at my lips. The host said we were to do this for five minutes no matter what. The guy came in about three minutes in my mouth. I had to keep his cock in my mouth for another two minutes. Then he had us stand up and arranged the women in front of us. Still blindfolded he said to kiss the person in front of you. I was tonguing this woman when I felt a hand on my cock. Then the host said for the women to kneel down and suck on whatever was in front of them. I got the best fucking blowjob of my life as I filled her mouth. I thought we were done so when she took her mouth off of my cock I lifted my blindfold. I recognized her but the surprise was when I looked down the line and saw my wife sucking the cock of Tom. He was calling her his bitch and telling her to suck his cock like she did last week. I watched as he filled her mouth with a huge load and she took it all. Everyone else was blindfolded so I pulled my mask back down. We all ended up naked and drinking beer. I noticed my wife was gone by that time.

I got home an hour later and she asked how it was. I said it was what one would expect I guess. Lots of beer and a few couples. She was already in bed and usually didn't want sex when she was in bed like this. I was drunk enough to get bold and said "Actually it was a sex party. I managed to suck a man's cock and get mine sucked by an anonymous woman." She looked shocked but I told her to be quiet for a minute. Then I straddled her chest and told her to suck it just like the other guy had. I used the same words and called her my bitch, my slut and my cum whore as I fucked her mouth. I think she caught on quickly that I knew it was her sucking that guy's cock and she started to suck me in earnest. It took a bit but I was ready to cum and said I was going to breed her cunt of a mouth and let go. It wasn't very much this time but she swallowed it all I kept my cock in her mouth for a bit and when I crawled off I told her that I saw her at the party. She seemed embarrassed but we talke about it and discovered we both liked cock and cunt. Since that time we've become swingers and suck and fuck pretty much anything we can now.