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After my divorce at 30 I met a woman at the bar. She was 47 and said she loved younger men. I took her home and fucked her that night. We fucked several more times over the next month. then one night she was over for dinner and after dinner I excused myself to use the bathroom. As I was pissing I heard her come in and stand behind me. She started to play with my nipples as I pissed. I didn't mind too much as we were used to each other's naked bodies. Then she reached down and grabbed my cock until I was done. She shook it a couple times and said "I can't wait until you shit." I told her that I was raised differently where we didn't watch each other on the toilet. We went back into the living room and proceeded to get pretty drunk. Then I had to shit so I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I was in the middle of my business when she walked in. I was a little uncomfortable until she stripped and sat on my lap. "Let me help you" she said and kissed me.

Again I said that I wasn't used to being watched and she said "That's okay honey. I'll wipe your ass for you when you're finished." I looked sideways but she wasn't getting up. I was done and ready to get up. She had me stand and proceeded to use my toilet paper to clean my ass. Then she said "After you're clean I'm gonna fuck that ass like a $40 whore." I was shocked. This was my shy little girlfriend who was wiping my ass and saying she was going to fuck me. She said to get undressed and stand in the tub. I did. She left and came back a minute later and had me get on all fours in the tub. Then she proceeded to give me an enema. I said I'd never had one before but it was great. Our inhibitions were now broken. She filled me up and had me hold it as long as I could. Then she helped me to the toilet and I let it all out. She cleaned my asshole up with a wet wash cloth and dried me off. Then she took me to the bedroom and put me on all fours. She took a strap-on out of her purse and strapped it on. She licked my asshole until it was wet and slimy then knelt behind me and shoved the cock into me. It put me on my belly with the pain, but she followed me down. I was now laying prone on my belly and she started to fuck me. It hurt a little at first but then turned into pleasure. I was moaning and fucking her back. This went on for nearly a half hour and she finally pulled that thing out of my ass.

We rested for a minute and she said she needed me to fuck her. I was surprised that my cock was hard. Neither of us had touched it but it was like a fucking pole. I rolled over on her and fucked her harder than ever, cumming load after load into her. It was the most intense orgasm I'd ever had. When I pulled out and rolled over I thought we were through. Then she mounted me in a 69 and told me to suck my cum out of her. She clamped down on my cock and sucked me as her cunt dripped my cum. I was pretty drunk so I proceeded to clean out her cunt as she got me hard and eventually I came in her mouth. That was the first time she took my cum. My cum mixed with her juices wasn't bad as I licked and sucked her clean.

When we were both done we just laid there for a while and she said that if we're going to be together we need to see each other in every state, including when we're shitting. She said that was the most intimate two people could do. I agreed. Over the next two months we took turns cleaning each other's assholes after shitting and eventually got married. It has been the most exotic and exciting time of my life. I never knew that such intimacy could exist but we know each other inside and out and now can talk about anything and do anything to each other.

One night I asked her what it was like to suck a cock. She said I should find out for myself, so she invited one of her gay friends over one night and he sucked my cock and I sucked his cock in front of my wife. Then she sucked him until he was hard and had him fuck me. I guess nothing if off limits between us now and we both eat pussy and suck cock together. Man, I love my fucking wife and the proclivities she's into. I let her lead and it has truly been a great ride.