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She rubbed my cock for a minute while we kissed and asked if I liked a nice hole. When I said yes she took off her skirt and panties. She was facing away and said to kneel down and lick her asshole. I was eating her ass and reached under her legs and found a cock. "What the fuck?" I said but she said to keep eating her.

I turned out that she was a TS and had both a cock and big tits. I loved her tits and when she said to suck her cock I obliged. What a fucking night. I got titties, nipples, an asshole and a cock at the same time. I shoved my cock into her ass and fucked her until I was ready to cum. She pulled me off of her and took my cock in her mouth. She swallowed my entire load and said she wanted to fuck me. I was drunk enough to say yes. The sucked my cock for a while and turned me over onto my belly. Then she proceeded to shove her/his cock into my ass and started to ass fuck me. It felt so fucking good I could hardly stand it. He came inside my ass then asked if I wanted to clean him off. She stuck her cock up to my mouth and I sucked his cock until he was ready to cum. He didn't warn me and came in my moth. I took it all. I'd been fucked in the ass and sucked a cock at the same time.

Oh fuck I thought as this was the first ass fuck I'd ever had and I was loving it. When he pulled his cock out of my ass I said I wanted to suck him. He straddled by chest and put his cock up to my mouth and I sucked him until I swallowed every fucking drop of his jizz. He was a fucking stud and fucked me in the ass one more time for about a half hour and finally came i my asshole. I felt his cum ooze out of my ass and he said he wanted me to suck his cock after he came. He pulled his cock out of my asshole and said he needed to fuck my mouth and prove to the world who was the true world champion.".

The next night we met at the book store and he made me cum more than ever before.

He gave up on pitching and his chubby frame struck out three time causing some anxiety and humilation.

Then I was jumped as I followed him over the hill. Then he said He wanted to fuck an ass or have a vouth on my cock.

I =n the end I had six women suck my cock n the bathroom. Man, I fucking love pussy and cock.