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My husband was out of town for a few weeks and i was horny. I masturbated a couple nights and was pretty satisfied. My next door neighbor, Janis was over nearly every day. She was recently divorced so she spent a lot of time over at my house. Terry my husband had been gone for a couple of seeks and Janis came over with a case of beer one night and said it was time I got drunk. We had drank nearly all of the beer and I was fucking reeling and she asked she was the last time i god fucked. I was surprised at her language but was drunk and really didn't give a fuck so I told her that we rarely fuck when Terry's home. I confided to her that we rarely fuck anymore and I get lonely sometimes. We were sitting on the couch when she started to rub her hand up and down my thigh. Then she said to just relax and close my eyes. I did and pretty soon she had my pants unzipped and was rubbing me from my belly to my pussy.

I was feeling pretty good when she said she could satisfy me. I just nodded and closed my eyes. Pretty soon I felt her hand inside my panties and she was rubbing my clit. I asked what hee was doing and she said that she was my surrogate lover and she could satisfy me until my lover got home. I was drunk and said okay. Pretty soon she had my pants and panties off and was rubbing my pussy up and down. I said I didn't think this was appropriate but she ignored me and kept rubbing. I wa getting turned on and when she stuck a finger in my cunt I couldn't hold it and told her I was cumming. I came hard. She pulled her finger out and leaned up and kissed me. Her lips were soft and when she stuck her tongue n my mouth I responded. Her lips and tongue were softer than my hubby's lips and I was drunk and loving it. Then she straddled my lap and continued to kiss me. Her had unbuttoned my blouse and was playing with my tits under my bra. She pushed my bra over my tits and was caressing my tits with both hands as we kissed. Oh fuck.

Then she said she wanted to make me cum and I nodded. She pulled my pants and panties off and knelt between my legs. She started to lick my cunt and it was great. She made me cum twice before I opened my eyes. After my second orgasm she kept licking my clit and had her other finger playing with my asshole. I started to protest and she said to just relax as her finger entered my asshole. Then she said she had been looking at me for a while and was waiting for Terry to be out of town for few days. She made me cum more times that night than Terry ever did.

She finally sat up and said she wanted me to make her cum. She took off her pants and panties and said to lick her. I was still drunk so I knelt in front of her and she spread her legs. She said to lick her pussy and I leaned forward. My tongue found her clit and eventually I ended up tongue fucking her cunt with my tongue. She was paying with my nipples as I licked her. She said this was the best fucking sex uxperience she'd ever had. I licke her cunt, she licked mine and we made each other cum at least a dozen times that week before my husband came home.

Terry and I talk about everything and one might I asked if he was okay with Janis, our next door neighbor moved in. It would save us money and provide me with some companionship when he was out of town. He thought it was a great idea. Janis moved into the spare bedroom and Terry was gone for a couple of weeks. One night Janis said, How would you feel if I fucked Terry?" I thought it would never happen but I told her that if she could seduce him I was all for it.

Terry came home and we fucked that first night. Then I mad some excuse to be gone for a few hours. Janis knocked on the door and when Terry answered it she said she had a bottle of wine for us. They proceeded to drink the bottle and when Terry started to feel a littl drunk Janice put her hand on his crotch. She rubbed up and down and said she thought he was pretty sexy. He resisted at first but she never took her hand off of his cock. Then she undid her blouse and wasn't weraing a bra. She told Terry that since I was gone he coud do whatever he wanted. She managed to give most of the wine and he was starting to feel drunk. She grabbed his hand and put it on her tit and said to roll her nipples. He played with her tits for a while and soon they were kissing............ He played with her nip[ples, and I must admit she had nice tits. He played with them for a while and she said for him to make her cum. She wasn't shy and he responded. He finger fucked her for a bit and then asked if he wanted her to suck his cock. He said yes. She undid his pants and pulled them down. His cock popped out and she proceeded to suck him to nearly orgasm. When he was har she asked if he wanted to fuck her He was reluctant but was soon convinced with her mouth on his cock. She knelt down on the floor with her ass and pussy sticking up in the air. He plunged his cock nto her and said he was going to fuck her like a whore.

I hadn't gone far when I parked and walked back to the house. I saw her sucking my hubby's cock and eventually bed her over and start to fuck her.

When he was deep in his fucking I walked in. He stammered and said that there was nothing going on. I told him I didn't believe him since his cock was hard. After his excuses I bent down between her legs and started to lick her. I made her cum another time before I looked at him. Then I said "It's okay honey. Part of her being here was to make our sex life more exciting. when she looed perplexed Janis kissed her and I saw her hand on my wife's thigh unde3r her dress. I heard her said to reax and soon my wife was cumming with Janis's hand on and in her pussy.

In the end we all three live in the same house. The best thing, though, was the fact that we can get as much sex as we want, and in any form we want because Janis blocked the door. Janis has seen my wife shit more than I have. Bit I don't give a fuck as long as Janis or my wife sucked my cock until I cand. Man, what a fucking life I havem And what a pair of fucking bitches I fave that don't ask anything except what I want for dinner. I've now been sucked or ass fucked mor =e than I could ever imagine. And I fucking love it.

No matter wat happens from this time forward I'll never forget the feeling had wth Janis. I've been festies with her fo th la severaaaaal years and love her pussy.