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I'm in my 50's and wear adult diapers. Not because I need to but because on occasion I make myself cum at work. The diaper soaks up the cum and those who are opposed to it are really missing out. One of my co-workers, Debbie and I sometimes talk on our break. She's about 10 years older than me and confided that she sometimes wears them too. When I told her I do too in case I get the urge and soil my diapers she said the she could help me out. When I asked what she meant she said that whenever I got the urge to let her know and she would see that I didn't soil my diapers. I was flabbergasted but decided that the next time I hot a hard-on I would let her know.

A couple of weeks later I walked up to her cubicle and asked her if she was serious the other day and she said she was. I said that my cock was about to burst and I hadn't had sex in two weeks. She said that she would drive me to her place and take care of me. I said okay and after work she asked if I was ready to go. I actually followed her to her place so I could drive home from there. We walked in and sat on the couch. She got us a couple of beers, then another and by the seventh one I was pretty wasted. The she asked me if I was ready to be drained. When I said I was she made a quick phone call and came back to the couch. She stripped and sat on my lap facing me. She kissed me, grinding herself on my crotch. My dick was getting hard and I was getting ready to fuck something. Then came a knock on the door. She got off of me and answered the door. It was a large man with a big belly. She said he was her friend and he was here to make me cum. I was disgusted.

He walked over to me and stripped. His belly was huge but his cock was also huge. She said that he had the biggest cock she ever sucked and about that time he knelt before me and took my cock in his mouth. He sucked me until I said I was gonna cum.. She said to let him have it and I filled his mouth. When he finally got off of me he pulled me off the couch. He turned me over and had me on all fours. He stuck a finger in my asshole and began to finger fuck me. I thought this would be gross but I was actually loving it. He fingered me for a couple of minutes then finally pulled his finger out of my ass and replaced it with his cock. He pushed it in and started to fuck me. All the while she was sitting on the couch egging him on and telling me to just relax and enjoy it. I did. He finally said he was cumming and filled my ass until it ran out and down my nuts.

He finally pulled out and spun me around. I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch and he grabbed my head. He shoved his cock in my mouth and mouth fucked me until he came a second time. I swallowed it all for the first time. What a fucking rush this was and when he finally started to get soft he pulled out of my mouth.

Se all sat on the couch naked and she got a couple more beers. What a fucking night that was. We have done it over and over the last few months and I have come to like a cock in my mouth and in my asshole. I'm still married and love my wife but sometimes I just need a little more. That's where Debbie and her friend Doug comes in. Man, what a fucking cum whore I've become.