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My mom, dad and sister used to play with me sexually all the time growing up. My sister is 6 years older than me and I remember it starting when I was 6 and in the bath. They would all take turns washing me and I would giggle and liked how it felt. They would always tell me how beautiful I am and point out all the things they liked about my body which felt really nice. Nothing really sexual happened yet but I was already starting to feel aroused. This kind of thing went on for a few years and slowly escalated into sexual activities. All the focus was always on me for some reason. My sister got in on it some, but not nearly as much as me. When I was 8 and still getting baths we would play games to see who could "wash" me the best. A game I made up mind you. It involved me sitting on a bath stool that had an open bottom so you could wash underneath. Kinda hard to explain. It had an open area underneath that went the whole way like a tunnel accept open on top like a 'U'. They would each take turns "washing" me underneath and I'd be the judge of who did the best job. This meant who got me off the most. We had fun and they would get really excited whenever I'd have an orgasm. I would spend a lot of time in the bath.

This led to me being naked around the house and me wanting to show off. I would sit on the couch in the living room in front of them, naked and legs spread and no one seemed to care. They still gave me compliments which made me want to take things further so I began spreading myself for them to see. At the time I couldn't believe I was doing It but it just felt so good. I remember my sister saying "Someone's feeling good", my mom saying "Yeah she is", and my Dad saying "Oh geez" but having a grin on his face. They gathered around me on the floor and started touching my legs. I was leaning back with my legs spread. My mom was right in front of me. My dad to the left and my sister to my right. They started rubbing my thighs and saying nice things to me like "Awe, you just want to feel good right now, huh." I couldn't do much but nod and say "Uh-Huh". I felt so good I was trembling. I just remember really wanting my dad to see me spread open so I kept spreading it and keeping my legs back. They all started commenting on how pink I am and how good my "pussy" looks. That was the first time they referred to it in that way and it kinda blew my mind. "Oh my God" was the most fequent thing I said from then on as they each took turns rubbing my now called pussy to see who could make me feel the best. I don't know how many times I orgasmed... A lot. That was also the first time they played with me like that outside of the bath. That time was very intense and lasted a while.