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We were at one of my wife's Bank parties. She had been working there for about a year and we'd been married for two. She didn't drink but I admit I had a little too much to drink. About 11:00 she wanted to go home and Dave, one of the Assistant Managers said he'd bring me home. She left and I drank some more. Most had left by this time and I was drunk and fucking horny. At one point I stood up and dropped my pants and shorts. I said "Anybody want this? Come and get it" as I pointed to my cock. Nobody seemed to respond so I pulled my pants back up. I was sitting on the couch drinking another beer and Mike, one of the other tellers said that he and his wife were interested. I thought that this was my chance to get some strange pussy so I said I'd meet them in the bedroom in five minutes. I stumbled into the first bedroom down the hallway and collapsed on the bed. I managed to take my clothes off and was laying there naked when they came in.

Immediately Sherry crawled on me and started to kiss me. she was taking off her clothes while we kissed and she was soon topless. I played with her tits and she said to pinch her nipples. I reached up and grabbed her nipples and she grabbed mine. The harder I pulled the harder she pulled. I was loving it when I felt a mouth on my cock. It was her husband starting to suck me. She asked if that was okay and I couldn't resist. With that she mounted my face and put her cunt on my mouth. she tole me to tongue fuck her so I did. I was rock hard when he took his mouth off of my cock. He lifted my legs and she reached back and pulled them up. He started to lick my asshole and after a couple of minutes I felt his cock against my asshole. He pushed in.

I thought it would hurt but in the position I was in I was enjoying it. She kept telling him to fuck me harder and withing minutes he was pounding me with his cock buried as far as it would go in my ass. While he was ass fucking me he was able to lean over and take my cock in his mouth. He fucked me so long I thought it was a dream. I was still sucking on her cunt when I felt myself ready to cum. I expressed that I was ready and she said to let it fly. I started cumming in his mouth and he took every fucking drop I had to give him. I was still playing with her tits and I could tell she was about to cum also. I tasted her juice as she shuddered and came. then I felt him tense up and start cumming. Right inside me. I felt his jizz run down my ass crack as he kept pumping until he was empty. I collapsed at that point and when I woke up I was naked in the bed being spooned by the host. I tried to get up but his arm was around me. Then I felt his hard cock against my ass crack. I didn't move as he started to rub my ass then put his cock up to my asshole. I started to protest but his arm was wrapped around me holding me in place and his cock was being shoved into me. I didn't know what to think, but it all came back from the night before how I was ass fucked so I thought I'd let him continue to see what it felt like sober. His cock was deep inside me when he started to actively fuck me. I lifted my leg to let him go deeper.He had fucked me about five minutes when he said he had to piss and was going to piss inside me. I didn't have time to react before I felt his warm piss filling my ass. Wow! What a fucking feelin. It felt so good I let him finish and he finally pulled out. His piss ran out of my ass as he got up and walked into the bedroom. I felt like a fucking slut. But I loved it.

I finally got home about noon. My wife was gone shopping and I showered quickly to wash the cum and piss out and off of me. When she got home we pretended like I never spent the night over at Steve's house or how I got fucked at least twice. Our lives resumed as normal but the only difference is now I look for cock as often as I can. I see other men on line or at rest stops. She is none the wiser and we still fuck once or twice a month. Man, what a fucking double life I lead.