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I grew up in the eastern part of germany (when germany still was separated) and by my parents I was used to nudism at the beaches. Later being just 20 I fled to western germany. I got a job and a appartment and I discovered swinger clubs. Something I did not know from my hometown. Working much I did not have a girlfriend but I wanted to have sex. But I did not want to go to prostitutes. So one day I tried one of thes swinger Clubs. It was nice. I ran around with ha hardon all evening and I got to have sex with 3 women during their husband watching. I went there every 3rd / 4th weekend and I thing it was on my 4th visit when I met HER. She was a lot older than me but I never met a woman with such an urge for sex. I think on that evening she had sex with more than 10 different men. somtimes with 2 or 3 at the same time. I got to talk to her (and her boyfriend) in a moment of resting and drinking. And we were used to each other from the first moment. 3 weeks later she split up with her boyfriend and I moved in with her. She was older than me by nearly 20 years but I did not have a problem with it. She loved it to be called Mom or Mommy (I already heard that at the club while I watched her). And perhaps because I have had a crush on my own mom when I saw her in the nude, this woman became my second mom. Thats all 30 years ago now. I'm in my 50's and my wife is in her 70's. but she ist still hot and she still needs sex all the time. we started to play like Mom and son, when we went to swingerclubs and we often travelled to Cap D'Agde in the south of france, what is well known as a beach area for swingers and incest-couples. We love it when people talk about us when they think we are mom and son for real.