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After high school I got a room near the college. It was a room in a home with an older couple. I had free reign in the house and often played poker with my landlords Jim and Anna. They were in their 40s, she was a little heavy but had big tits and Jim had a large belly but always seemed to be in a good mood. We played cards and drank beer nearly every Friday and Saturday night. Then one night after we were all pretty hammered Jim suggested we play strip poker. Anne thought that was a great idea so I agreed. By the fourth hand Anna already had her shoes, socks and her top off. I couldn't help staring at her bra. Her nipples were actually poking through her bra. Another half hour in I was down to my underwear, Anna was topless and Jim had only his pants on. My cock was getting harder with each hand and I lost the next hand and had to remove my shorts. They said I had to stand up to remove them. I did and my five inch semi-hard cock popped out as I dropped my shorts. They said I had to sit there until the game was over. Anna lost the next hand and stood up to remove her panties. I was openly staring at her large tits and when she stood up and removed her panties my cock jumped again. She was a little heavy but had a nicely trimmed bush.

Jim had won with Anna and me naked. I thought I would gather my clothes and go to bed but Jim asked if I was okay with Anna sucking my cock. I was taken back but just froze in place as Anna pushed my chair back and knelt before me. She started to suck me and Jim stood up and stripped. My cock got harder as she sucked me and I got a good look at his cock. It had a hood and was at least seven inches and pretty thick and was only half hard. I stared as he wrapped his hand around his cock and stared at me. Then Anna took her mouth off of my cock and pulled me out of my chair and led me down the hall to their bedroom. She had me lay down on my back and resumed sucking me. I was so fucking hard when he walked into the room. She said she wanted me to eat her. She got off of me and sat up by the head of the bed and told me to eat her. I rolled over onto my stomach and buried my face in her cunt. She had a huge clit and when I sucked on it she moaned and told me to suck it harder. I did and she was grinding her pussy onto my mouth. I was getting into it when I felt Jim massaging my ass cheeks. I let him do it as it felt really good. Then he scooted up a little and moved my legs out. That's when I felt a wet finger start to play with my asshole. I'd only been fucked once and nobody had ever played with my ass. But it kept my cock hard under me and when he shoved a finger into he I instinctively raised up a little to give him better access. Anna held my head in place but I didn't mind. Then Jim started to finger fuck me with two fingers. She said to just relax and I would like what comes next.

I was tongue fucking Anna when Jim pulled his fingers out of my ass and I felt something much larger pushing in. I was pretty helpless with her holding my head in between her legs and him slowly pushing his cock into my ass. I hurt a bit at first but he was gentle and before I knew it he was slowly fucking my ass and it felt really good. I raised my ass up a little to give better access and he fucked me for about 20 minutes before I felt him cumming inside me. My jaw hurt and my neck hurt from eating her for the last half hour. My cock was still hard and when he finally pulled out of my ass he turned me over and she squatted down on my mouth while he started to suck my still hard cock. It wasn't long and I had filled his mouth with my cum.

That was the first of many drunken threesomes. I spent my entire college career in their house and by the time I graduated I was completely bi-sexual. I'm married now and have found the woman who accepts my bi-sexuality. I probably suck more cock and get fucked by more cocks than the times I fuck my wife. I live a great sex-filled life and plan on living like this until I die.