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My wife got mad when I couldnt get it up when she wanted me to fuck her.She said it is because I jack off to much,I thought about it and she may be right about that. I get horny very easily and when my dick gets hard I have to jack off or it drives me crazy.Over the last couple of months my 16 and 18 year old daughters have been running around with tight shirts and no bras,or just a long T shirt and I cant help it and have had to jack off a lot more.The next night she told me to strip and lie on the bed ,she tied me spread eagled on my back then called for our daughters,telling them to come to our room right away.They couldnt stop giggling when they saw me naked tied to the bed and when I got hard they started teasing me saying that it turned me on to be naked and helpless in front of them,,they are right. My wife left and came back with an ice pack which she put on my balls .In a few seconds the cold made my dick shrivel up and was now about an inch or so long and had got very thin. The girls couldnt stop teasing me and laughing but my tiny dick didnt respond at all.My wife explained to the girls that I was jacking off too much and couldnt get hard when she wanted sex.Elizabeth shook her head and told me that I needed to be punished and my wife said she agreed.She pulled out a tiny little chastity belt and showed it to them telling me that she was goin to control my ability to have an orgasm from now on.Sara giggled and said she would control more than that .The girls watched as my wife put my limp little penis in the sheath ,snapped the ring in place then slid the locking tube in place.When she removed the key my poor dick was locked up and I would not get to play with it unless she wanted me to.Now that the girls know that I am locked up and unable to get to my dick they have started wearing clothes that are more revealing and very tight and I am in hell. When my dick tries to get hard it has no where to go so it hurts.Since I am unable to relieve myself I am now in constant agony all the time and the girls think it is funny.They have even started playing with them selves and each other right in front of me knowing how bad it is hurting me.When I say something to them about it they just giggle and tell me they are sorry but it feels so wonderful to them.My wife got mad when I started whining about the girls teasing me.She told me that she had enough of my complaining and said she would let me have an orgasm and left the room.A minute later she returned and handed me one of her bigger dildos and when I asked her what was I supposed to do with it right in front of the girls she reminded me how I have used that dildo and after fucking myself in the ass long enough was able to cum.She made me admit to her that I remembered doing it.She told me that I didnt have any reason to bitch and whine about the girls making me so horny all the time because I have a way of relieving myself.My face was as red as it could get when she told me to take care if it..make myself cum so I would shut up.I started to get up and go to our room and my wife told me that I wasnt going anywhere.She said that if the girls could play with them selves in front of me them I could do it in front of them.I tried to talk her into letting me do it in the room but she wasnt going to let me off that easy.I finally gave up when Sara handed me some lube and told me that it was ok,,,they had seen guys play with them selves before .When I said this was not the same kind of playing my wife told me to get started before she changed her mind and took my toy away.I have never been so humiliated as when I lubed my ass and the dildo up and pushed it up my ass.My wife was right though because it didnt take long and I had one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever had .The girls wouldnt stop teasing me .They agreed that it was bad for my health for me to be denied orgasms so now I am going to have to do it every night right in front of the girls.I am so embarassed