Two months ago while driving home from a night out dogging with my wife we were in an accident, The car has been fixed but our insurance company are only paying for half of the bill as there was some minor damage before the latest crash.

Well we were going to struggle to pay the outstanding labour bill until my wife asked Dan the mechanic if we could come to some arrangement to settle the bill, after some discussion he agreed to having his and his two workmates cocks sucked every Friday for six months.

After the first month my wife fell ill with covid so I called Dan to explain the situation and was simply told that someone looking like a slut had better be there to suck their cocks or bring the cash to pay the bill, I talked to my wife about it and she said "you always wanted to be a slut here's you're chance"

I called Dan and asked if they would be ok with a crossdresser taking my wife's place on Friday and received a msg back saying yes, Friday lunchtime came around and I was ready to go, I had on a black Basque and seamed stockings with a skimpy G string, over that I had on a short black dress and a blonde wig my makeup was quite good and I chose a matching handbag and shoes.

I arrived at the garage and went into the office, My dress was removed and I was bent over the office chair and presented with two hard cocks ready for sucking, I licked and sucked each in turn for a while before the thicker of the two was pushed balls deep into my throat and pumped its load into my throat, I swallowed it gratefully and turned my attention to the other cock which wasn't as thick but was longer I was again being throat fucked when I felt my G string being pulled aside, I went to move to prevent this but my wrists and ankles had been tied to the chair.

I wasn't able to move and couldn't say no as I had my mouth and throat full of cock, I soon had Dan's cock being pushed into my ass I relaxed and allowed it in and was actually enjoying being double ended. Soon after this started I was untied and directed to a rug and told to straddle Dan and sit on his cock, I slid his shaft into my ass and felt it being joined by the longer cock of Mick I think his name is.

As I rode these two cocks in my ass the first and thicker cock re entered the office and he had someone else with him, they both presented their cocks for sucking which I happily did and for the next hour or so I was continually used by these four cocks and had several loads of cum sprayed onto my face.

Dan drove me home and had me suck his cock while he spoke to my wife, he came up with a new deal and now we both spend our Friday evenings at the garage where she sucks two cocks and I get to suck and be fucked in the ass by three as Dan had taken on his brother as an apprentice but we get all our repairs and servicing done for free