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It started out as innocent fun. I Met John during my second year at college. He was a Senior and took a liking to me. The first Frat party he invited me to was fun and nothing really happened. He seemed really sweet and courteous. We ended up fucking at the second party. We became a couple after than and a year later he asked me to marry him. As soon as I said yes he said to be his wife I had to learn to suck his cock. I had never done that but I really loved him so I did my best. He didn't make me swallow but shot on my tits then wiped it off with a towel. I thought it was okay even though it didn't turn me on. He did though have a pretty big dick and I came nearly every time we fucked.

Our wedding day finally came. It was a pretty small ceremony and we ended up in a motel a couple of hours away from home. We ate dinner and got back to the motel. He insisted I shower and shave my pubic hair off. When I said I didn't want to he slapped me, making me cry. Then he said that I was now his legal cunt and would do as he commanded. I started to protest and that pissed him off. I couldn't believe the difference in him and he scared me. He said he really loved me but demanded certain things from me. I thought it was just the excitement and newness of being married. He told me again "Either shave your cunt for me or I'll do it for you." Another new thing for me but I complied. When I came out of the shower he was standing right outside the shower naked. He gently dried me off and walked me into the room. He pushed me on the bed on my stomach and pulled me up on my knees. Without even saying anything he started to finger fuck me. He wasn't tender now and when his third finger entered me I told him it hurt and wanted him to stop. He shoved in even harder and said that he would fuck me anytime and any way he wanted. Then he said that I was now his property and he was now my master. With three fingers in my cunt he shoved a thumb in my ass. I told him that I didn't want him in my ass and he said that I better get used to it because before the night was over I was going to get ass fucked. When he said that I started to move away but he quickly grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me. He took his t-shirt and tied my wrists together behind me and pushed me face down on the bed.

I was scared when he tied my hands. That was the first time he had ever done that and I started to cry. Then he got mean. He said "Quit crying cunt. I'll fuck you any time I want and in any hole I want and you're gonna take it or I'll make your life a living hell." When he said that I froze and decided to let him do to me what he wanted. When he felt me quit struggling his hand got more gentle and he was rubbing my clit while his thumb was rubbing in and around my asshole. He spit on my asshole and got it slippery. Then his finger entered me. It hurt a little and he said to relax. After a minute of him finger fucking my ass I was able to relax. Then he scooted up a little. He spread my ass cheeks and put his cock against my hole. He slowly pushed in and I thought this was the nastiest thing he could ever do to me. I was in pain and sobbing when he finally came in my ass. Ge finally pulled his cock out of my ass and turned me over. "Honey" he said. "You must have the tightest fucking ass I ever fucked." I didn't know he had any experience with this. Then he did even more unexpected. He took off a pillow case and wrapped it over my head so I couldn't see. My hands were still tied behind me. He unzipped his suitcase and a minute later I felt my nipples burning. He was using sandpaper on my nipples. I was thrashing about a little and felt him pull both of my nipples up. He said to just calm the fuck down and I would get the most pleasure I ever had. I tried to relax again as he sanded my nipples until they were nearly raw. I have pretty good sized tits with large nipples. When he finally stopped he said he had never seen my nips so large. They were both burning when he started to suck on one of them. It hurt like a fucking bitch but when his hand went down to my pussy he said I was wetter than he had ever felt. This was strange. My nipples were burning and my pussy was wet. By this time his cock was hard again and he spread my legs and shoved his cock inside me. His fingers and thumbs were pulling on my raw nipples and although it hurt I came harder than ever before as he fucked me. He kept fucking me and pulling on my nipples and I kept cumming. I nearly passed out but he pulled out before he came. Then I felt him straddling my chest and he pulled the pillow case off of my head and put his cock up to my lips. He pushed in until I opened my mouth to take him in. I could taste my own juices as he started to mouth fuck me. I was still tied up as he fucked my mouth. S few minutes later he came in my mouth for the first time. He held my mouth closed with one hand as he unloaded and said to swallow it all. I did.

When he was done he just crawled off of me and said "I'm gonna shower and you're gonna stay right the fuck there." I was scared not to move and a few minutes later ha game back in the room. He sat on the couch next to the bed and turned on the TV to watch a basketball game. I was really uncomfortable and every time I started to move he would say "Cunt. Stay right there." The game lasted about two and a half hours. When it was over he said it was time. When I asked him that it was time for what he replied "time for you to come over and suck my cock again. It was difficult to get off of the bed but I knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth. about 20 minutes later without warning me ha came in my mouth again.

This went on for nearly the entire week and he fucked every hole I had. by the time the week was over and we got back to his, our house my ass was stretched out and I was a broken woman. For the next 15 years he controlled me. He fucked my ass at least twice a week and had me suck his cock nearly every night. He was a good provider but was a controlling asshole. When I finally told my best friend about his controlling ways she asked if I wanted her to make him stop. It was something I never thought could happen and I finally told her it would be nice to be free of his control. That Friday night after dinner she and her husband came over. He was a big tall fat guy and looked very powerful. We were just visiting when my husband thought it was time for us to be alone. When he said it was time to break up the party, Marty, my friend's husband stood up and said "Terry, I know you've been abusing your wife and it stops now." My hubby Terry said that it was none of Marty's fucking business and thought they should leave. Marty just laughed at him and slapped him. Hard. Terry stood up and Marty slapped him again. Marty looked at me and asked what I wanted him to do. I defiantly looked at Terry and said "Break Him."

Terry was bold with me but a wimp when it came to confronting a stronger man. Marty grabbed him by the throat with one hand and grabbed his cock with the other and squeezed. "Strip bitch" Marty said to him. Now Terry was scared. With Marty's hand still around Terry's throat Terry began to undo his clothes. A minute later Terry was naked and Marty told him to kneel down. Terry did and Marty told him to suck his cock. When Terry hesitated Marty slapped him hard across the cheek. Terry was starting to cry as I watched in disbelief. Before the night was done Terry had sucked Marty, swallowed his load and had gotten ass fucked by Marty's big cock. Terry was a puddle of shit by the time Marty god through with him. He Told Terry that if he ever laid a hand on me again Marty would not only fuck him again but beat him within an inch of his life.

Within a week I had the most attentive and kind husband any woman could ever wish for. For the next 10 years Terry was a perfect gentleman. I still enjoying sucking his cock and having him fuck me, but it is on my terms not his. Marty teaching him a lesson that night was the best thing that ever happened for us. Terry had apologized for being such an asshole. We are still very much in love and have come to have a mutually enjoyable marriage. It's just too fucking bad it took so long.




It was our wedding night. He had always been proper and had sex a few times. Nothing kinky and I really loved him. He rides his Harley on the weekends but always came home to me. Anyway after the ceremony he put me on the back of his Harley and he and his Harley buddies followed us to the hotel. We were in the honeymoon suite and after a couple bottles of wine we were ready for bed. We were getting hot and steamy when he grabbed my hands and pulled them behind me. He said he had a super hot surprise for me. I was excited. He then tied my hands behind me and put a mask over my eyes so I couldn't see. Then he strapped a ball gag in my mouth. I was getting a little worried now. He got off the bed and I heard the door open. I couldn't see and could barely make a sound but I knew I wanted no part of what was about to happen.

"Honey" he said. "This is your initiation." He didn't say anything more. I had no idea who or how many there were. I don't even know if my new husband fucked me. For the next two hours I felt hands on my tits, in my cunt, in my ass and had been fucked at least eight times. But the shocker was when I heard them laughing and someone said "Here comes the train." I felt two men lift me up on my knees with my head buried in the pillow and a huge cock was being shoved in my ass. I screamed as best I could and felt him split my asshole apart. At least that was what it felt like. He fucked my ass for about 10 minutes. By that time my asshole was numb and there was very little pain. I heard him grunt and he came inside my ass. I felt the warmth as it oozed out and down across my cunt lips. He finally pulled out and I felt relief. But then I felt a smaller cock enter my ass. It didn't hurt. He finally came and then two more took turns ass fucking me. I was about to pass out when someone undid the ball gag and I felt a giant cock in my mouth. I heard my husband behind me say I had to take it all or he was out of the club. I really didn't have a choice. I was now on my back with a cock in my ass and now this giant in my mouth as he straddled me. He mouth fucked me for a long time and finally started cumming. I had never taken cum in my mouth but didn't have a choice as he filled my mouth and I had to swallow or choke. He finally pulled out and another took his place. I lost track and must have sucked another half dozen men before they all finally got off of me and left. I was shattered. I couldn't believe my sweet new husband was such a fucking pussy, letting his buddies fuck me like that.

Over the next month we fucked like rabbits. He had a nice big dick and it stayed hard long after he came I found our sex lacking. I think he noticed and asked me to tell him the truth, what was wrong? After a little embarrassment I told him that one cock inside me just isn't cutting it. I couldn't believe I said it but he said he had the solution. Again came the embarrassment as he got on his phone. An hour later another eight men were in our living room with their cocks out. Mike, seemingly the leader had the largest cock I'd ever seen. He must have been the one that fucked my ass first that night in the hotel. I couldn't help staring at it and my husband just sat back on the couch and said to go for it. I did. I sucked that big cock then turned around on all fours and told him to give it to me. As I turned around I saw it. What I'd always dreaded. My man was on his knees sucking another guys cock while a third was pounding his ass. I watched him being ass fucked just as I was getting ass fucked. Then another stood in front of me and I was now mirroring my husband as we each were sucking a cock from the front and being ass fucked from the back.

Our marriage never did go back to just us two. I couldn't believe I married a gay man and every time I wanted to talk about it he shut me down. Within six months I left him and hooked up with Mike. He was more than willing to share me with the guys, but the one thing they did that I was happy about was that they kicked that little fucking pussy of a husband out of the club. A year ago I was a demure, shy woman and now I'm the cum slut of this biker gang and having the time of my life.




It was our wedding night. He was a perfect gentleman until that night. We stopped at a motel and showered. He got me into bed and had me naked. He started playing with my tits as we kissed. Then he straddled my chest and shoved his cock into my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before but he insisted. I was the dutiful wife and sucked him.

I didn't think he would cum in my mouth but when he said he was cumming I had no choice. He shot++ his entire load into my mouth and made me swallow it all. It wasn't terrible and after I sucked his cock he proceeded to eat my cunt and ended up fucking me. That was pretty good. As the months went by he made me suck his cock more and more and eventually I was able to deep throat him.

It's been 20 years and he still makes me suck his cock at least three times a week. I don't mind it, and if it keeps him from fucking other women I'm glad to do it. I know he likes it and I take all that he has to give. He calls me his cum whore and maybe someday I'll find somebody who loves me for my brain, not my mouth, but until that time I'll keep sucking him and letting him fuck any hole he desires.




When I married my husband a little over 20 years ago , we were just starting out in life. His new job was paying for us to go to Maui for our honeymoon, well actually it was supposed to be for business, his boss and a few other co workers also went. We all celebrated on the plane and toasted to our new life together. The next day I realized I had forgotten my bikini so I went shopping he was with the guy's in some meeting. It's very difficult to find a bikini that fits right I'm short 5'4" I only weighed about 110lbs the problem is I have large breast especially for a girlwwith a tiny frame like mine 36 d is about the best fitting bra. So I found a top and matching bottoms finally, I didn't really want a tiny string bikini but that was my only real option. When I met up with my husband later that evening the guys were all drinking and having a great time congratulating him on being the only one to fly out to Oahu the next day and give his presentation to the owners of the company they were all trying to sell stuff too, they were all chearing and saying your so lucky you're gona get the sale, your wife is beautiful and alot of other comments. I woke up in the morning to a beautiful Maui sunrise my husband had already left so he wasn't going to be home until very late that night, I quickly put on my new bikini , grabbed a towel and went to the beach for a swim and sunbathing, it was very convenient having a private beach at the condos we were staying at.after swimming a bit I saw the guy's over by my towel so I came in, when I walked up the beach towards them I realized something wasn't right, right away they started complimenting me on my beauty and new bikini. I hadn't realized it was almost completely see through when wet. My husbands boss said we should all go to his condo for a breakfast cocktail lol. An hour later I was very drunk I was standing in the middle of his condo completely naked being groped and fingerd by everyone.. I still don't remember how I got naked his boss walkedup to me and said iI knew you were a slut pushed me back on to the bed,spread my legs and started eating me , in a second I had someone kneeling beside my face putting there penis in my mouth.then I felt someone entering me I realized I was about to have sex with 4 menon my hhoneymoon , two days after I was married and furthermore it was my husbands boss and coworkers. The man humping me didn't really last long he pulled out and came all over my tummy, the I was sucking came both in my mouth and on the side of my face.my husbands boss lay beside me grabbing me and pulling me on top of him oh god it felt so good he wrapped his arms around me holding me still while still in me and said someone fuck her in the ass at the same time, I could here laughing I was nervous soon I knew someone was climbing on the bed behind me I felt the pressure against my butt hole and he was in me, they were both doing me at the same time only at different strokes I was staring at my husband's boss face and screaming and groaning I wasn't able to hold on and had a massive orgasm , it must have triggered them because they both came seconds later. I was released and rolled on to my back when one of the others must have gotten his second wind because he spread my legs and just drove it in, it was like he had a mission to show everyone how to pound a girls vagina they were clapping and chearing him on. When it was all over I went to my room took a Jacuzzi bath and a nap.