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ATTENTION ALL MOMS... If you have a Son between the ages of 12 and 18, I can personally say he would be hot for you to blow him. Later, after a few blowjobs, you would more than be able to enjoy the most unbelievable sex life, both vaginal and anal alike. Just insist to him by turning it on. You would be amazed at just how little it will take... Have fun ladies, and who knows, you just may have some awesome Mother Son confessions to make later of your own.




There's a little girl in my trailer park that always hangs around my trailer in the afternoon. We'll call her Cindy. She has no friends, because the other youngest kid in the park is 16, and because Cindy's tweaker mother won't let her go to school. Cindy is 8. About a month ago, I heard Cindy knocking on my window. She usually goes home after the sun sets, but it was 11 20, and here she was. Don't get me wrong, I'm a great guy. I don't really like kids, but unlike most people in our low income neighborhood, I don't throw beer cans at her and call her the daughter of a whore whenever I see her. I don't play with her, but I've always said hello and never told her to leave. Which is probably why she hung out near me so much. What compelled her to wake me up at midnight was her mother. I don't what she uses, all I know is it requires needles.

Apparently, Cindy's mom went on a bad trip, because she had told Cindy to fuck off, and once I opened my door I could even hear her flipping out from the other side of the park. Being the gentleman I thought I was, I naturally offered to let her sleep on my couch. I shouldn't have done that. I've been single my whole life. I'm in my thirties, a virgin, and have never cum outside of masturbation. I've never had a handy or a blow job, and didn't even watch that much porn. Cindy, despite being well acclimated to profanity by now, was still a relatively innocent girl. She liked dolls and dresses, and wasn't as much of a troublemaker as most children in her shoes would have been. And I told her she could sleep on the couch. It took about five minutes for her to doze off. I was going to go back to sleep, but I didn't.

I stood in my kitchen with a growing erection, staring at this poor girl I was about to rape. My heart was beating faster than I knew it could. This was wrong, but I was going to do it anyway. As I crept over to her, I told myself I would be gentle. I was not. I reached the couch, pulled the dirty sheet off her, and got naked. She had on a pair of overalls and a white shirt with a cat on it. I unbuttoned the overalls, and started to flip her onto her belly, when she woke up. I panicked, and grabbed her ankles and yanked her off the couch. I threw myself on top of her and covered her mouth. I told her relax, it's just me. She asked me what I was doing. I told her I was going to change her clothes, what she was wearing was dirty. She asked me why I was naked and I said my clothes were dirty too. She made something of a whatever groan, and probably just wanted to go back to bed. But I wasn't going to stop. I pulled down her overalls and took her shirt off.

She had some ugly watermelon panties on, red and green stripes with little black ovals. I rolled hr over and pulled them down. I got on my knees above her. She felt me, and perhaps by instinct tried to prop herself up and turn around. I put my weight onto her and covered her mouth with my left hand. It took me a few seconds, but I got the tip into her ass. And then I lost control. I went as hard and fast as I could, and couldn't have lasted more than two minutes. The whole time she made pained grunts, but didn't fight back. I never came so hard in my life. And I had one of those, What Have I Done moments. I knew i was going to prison. It was either that, or kill her and chop her up, and I don't think I'm capable of going that far. But I figured if I'm getting arrested, might as well enjoy it now. I flipped her back over and started molesting her. I shoved my tongue in her mouth, cupped her ass, pinched her nipples, and rubbed the outside of her pussy.

I spent almost three hours touching her, working myself back up. She refused to look at me, and whenever I moved her head to face me she shut her eyes. I didn't care how much she was suffering, I wanted it. I got between her legs and worked myself into her again. I didn't bother holding her mouth shut, I knew she had given up, and I wanted to hear her moan louder, it turned me on. It was maybe ten minutes before i finished. I wanted to put it in her mouth and make her choke on it, but I doubt I would have cum in time to get her cleaned and kicked out before my neighbors woke up and saw me. So I dragged her to my tiny bathroom and took a shower with her. I touched her more while I tried to rinse out the cum. I dried her off, put her shirt, overalls and sandals back on, and brought her back to the front. I grabbed her head and kissed her one more time. I forced her to look into my eyes while I made my empty threat. If you tell anyone what happened, I'm going to burn you and your mom alive, you understand me. She nodded, and I opened the door and pushed her out.

It's been a month now. Her mom hasn't come over. Police haven't show up. I know what I did was sick, but I don't feel bad. In fact, I feel amazing. Not only was that the most physical pleasure I've ever had, but it looks like I just got away with raping a child. Now all I can think is doing it again. Cindy hasn't been hanging around my place since, but I'd bet her mother would love a pro bono babysitter to get that brat out of her hair while she sucks dick for more drugs. I am going to do it again. And I don't feel guilty. I kept her panties.




Next month I'll be 40 years old, in early December when I was 12, my parents divorced was official when my mom was already 41, she conceived me at 27, had me at 28.

Around that time of the divorce, she was already seeing somebody else, that didn't work out. After 2 months of that somebody else, she was done with him as well as my dad 2 just weeks before Christmas.

In late February, I was 13 and one night in late March, when my mom said good night, she was in a sheer night gown, showed off her slim figure, slim thighs, panties, 5 inches of flat tummy and bra.

Then she asked for one of my hands, at random, grabbed one of them, placed in on the front of her night gown over her panties, then I knew she was pregnant.

It felt strange to hear, as she left my room, her tight little asscheeks were sexy in her panties. When I grew up, my mom always kept her figure.

I hid under the covers, started rubbing my dick, I couldn't stop thinking about my mom being pregnant. When I woke up the next morning, there was real sticky cum all over the crotch of my nylon short shorts.

By late April, my mom began to show. When she got home from work, she was in a long loose blouse, her breasts were big underneath, she wore a thigh high miniskirt. When she bent over, her pantycrotch and tight little asscheeks showed.

My dick got hard in my nylon short shorts with no shirt on when I did my homework at the table. When I asked to see what my mom's tummy looked like underneath her blouse, she smiled and took it off and oo wow, I thought what a tummy.

The front of her miniskirt stretched way over her cantalope size tummy and way over her belly button as well. Between her bra and miniskirt, her 3 inches of bare tummy. When she sat down next to me so I can feel her baby, her bare tummy double rolled between her bra and miniskirt, she even spread her sexy legs apart enough to show her pantycrotch. Then her tits got big and hard in her bra, my dick wiggled hard in my short shorts.

That night we had sex with each other at my mom's demands, I never sprayed so much cum juice up her pussy, her pussy and my dick felt so intimate with each other. All this took place very close to 27 years ago.

After we had our sex, we both showered together and slept together at her request. I was in nofly briefs, she was in panties stretched over her cantalope size tummy and stretched over her belly button as well, there was the 3 inches of her bare tummy between her panties and bra. Since we were both tired, we just slept and I wasn't in any mood for any sex anyway.

The next morning my mom'stummy got a little larger, her panties stretched way over her belly button, her 3 inches of bare tummy, and bra, all made my dick wiggle hard in my nofly briefs.

By early June, it was the last week of school, my mom's tummy was round. When she got home from work, she wanted me in her room. There I was shirtless in my nylon short shorts, she changed in her bra, 2 inches of bare tummy and pregnancy short shorts.

When I felt her baby, I got so sexually aroused, I shot huge cums in my short shorts. When I attempted to say how sorry I was in suddenly cumming, my mom said it was no big issue, only she missed having all my cum up in her pussy.




I was second born, my mom was just barely 20 when my sister was born. Then she was 29, close to 30 when I was born, my sister was around 9 back then. Back in 96, I was 13 when she was 43.

When I grew up, my mom had always kept her figure, she loved showing off her body. She got divorced from my sister's dad around the time I happened, she let him have custody of her too.

Late one night in late February 96, my mom walked in on me when I was in the bathroom only in my flyless briefs, then she begun staring at my ass and caressed my back, I was trying to get ready for bed.

It felt weird, then she wanted me to rub her back. When I did, she stripped to her bra, still was in her short shorts. My cock suddenly stuck straight out hard in my flyless briefs as her short shorts showed off a little of her ass cheeks.

After I was done rubbing her back, she wanted me in bed with her, I was puzzled. Then after thinking about it, I climbed in bed with her. When I was in bed with her when she kept resting her ass up against my ass.

I turned around and she rested her ass up against my cock, after awhile, it got hard, so hard I shot huge cums in my flyless briefs and completely soaked her pantycrotch, she was just as amazed at how it felt as I was.

By almost the middle of May 96, she started wearing her short shorts, panties and whatever higher around her waistline than usual, instead of showing off her belly button at all. I thought she was sexier looking like that whenever she wore her bra.

Then in late May, she stood there smiling at her fulllength mirror when I got home from a friend's place. She said "Hey love, you look cute in those little shorts." I said in a rather shy vouce "Thanks, I'm taking off my shirt if that's ok." She said "That's fine love."

After I chucked my shirt in the hamper and was in just my little tennis shorts, my mom said "We need to talk." I said "I'm not in trouble am I?" She said "No way love."

Then she said "Haven't you noticed a few changed in my tummy lately?" I said "Not exactly." She said "Here have a look." When I did notice what she was talking about, her tummy was a little bit larger than usual and how the front of her short shorts crested way over her belly button.

The back of her short shorts showed off her ass cheeks and she was in her bikini bra, my cock grew big and hard in my tennis shorts just from looking at her 3 1/2 inches of almost flat tummy, usually her tummy was flat, not that day it wasn't.

Then I said "Now I get it." She said "I'm so you noticed love because I'm going to have a baby, here come feel." My heart was beating and my cock wiggled hard in my tennis shorts when I ran my hands across the front of her short shorts. It was amazing to feel my mom's tummy.

I no sooner was done feeling her tummy than was I in my room, stripped straight to my flyless briefs, wanking myself till all my cum shot straight out of my wiggling hard cock into my briefs.

Then by mid July 96, my mom's tummy had grown round under the front of her high waist short shorts, where her tummy was still almost flat showed off between her bikini bra and short shorts, mmmm, she looked so amazing my cock grew big and hard in my striped speedo.

There we were, just us two at a private pond waist deep, hugging and caressing each other, her tits were sexy hard under her bra, my cock wiggling hard in my speedo. Feeling her then growing tummy gave me such a sexual arousal, it felt amazing to squirt huge cums up my speedo.




For #1788 I know that very feeling.

When I was little, my mother wore non silky non seethrough gowns to bed, then about the time I was 12 when she was ? 28, she become widowed in '97. She didn't seem to care, my dad was hardly ever around anyway. The day she was widowed, her wardrobe changed.

She'd started wearing little clothes, mini skirts, short shorts, seethrough gowns, bra tops, the works. Seeing her dressed like that got my cock hard, sometimes I cummed.

When I was 12, I was on the local dive team for the boys 10 to 12 division, our speedos made our cocks hard. It was almost a week after she was widowed, when I got home from practice, I was in my hoody with my team speedo on almost underneath.

10 or 15 minutes after I got home, my mother got home, she was in her biker jacket, hot pants sheer pantyhose, I thought she was sexy when she said "Hey honey, how was diving practice?" I said "We didn't practice, our coach got talked to the guys about a couple of upcoming swim meets. When he talked so much, then there wasn't time to practice, oh I put away the dishes." She said "Thanks for doing that."

When I was getting ready for bed, my mother softly asked "Hey honey, are those my panties you're wearing?" I said "Mother!" "I wouldn't wear your panties!" "That's my team swimsuit, here see?" As I pulled up my hoody. "That's where it says 'Regional Division II', come on really, I wouldn't wear any of your clothes."

She said "Even if you did wear my panties, I won't get mad, really honey, I think you'd look sexy in my panties." I said "Even so, I still wouldn't wear your clothes, right now, I'm going to bed."

When I took my hoody off my mother asked "Have any of the girls at school told you how sexy your ass is?" I asked "What would I want with girls?" She said "I'm sure they've seen you in swimsuits many times at those swimpool events and when I've been there honey, I've heard some girls saying so too, you're lucky you got my ass genes."

She turned her hot pants clad ass at me and asked "Like my ass honey?" I said "I have to admit, it is nice and sexy." She said "Oh honey, you're so sweet, I'll come in and kiss you good night."

Then when she came in my room, she was in a thigh high sheer seethrough gown, her bra and panties were to die for, her tummy was a sexy turnon. Instead of kissing me good night, she asked "Honey would you like to sit in the spa with me?" I said "Ok." Then when I saw my mother strip to her panties and bra, my cock got all big and hard in my speedo.

Then she asked "Have you had sex before?" I said "No way!" My mother said "Mommy would love to have your sperm fill her tummy." Then we both were naked in the spa, so when we both had sex with each other, my mother moaned the whole time she felt my hard cock wiggle around inside her till a huge gush of cum filled her pussy. Were we got done, she said "Oh honey, oh that felt good." Then we both went to bed.

Then just a little more than 2 weeks before I was 13, was my last diving event before I was aged out, I didn't want to continue on anyway. When I got home, I was in my team speedo and team windbreaker, I found my mother seated in the middle of the couch, her tummy made almost a double roll between her bikini bra and short shorts where she had both her hands across the front of, she had this glowing smile across her face.

Then she said "Congratulations honey, we're going to have a baby!" When she said that, my cock grew big and hard in my team speedo when I took my windbreaker off. Then she said "Wow honey!" "I love how big your penis is, it makes you look sexy in your swimsuit." I said "I sure love how you're dressed." She said "You're so sweet honey."

When my mother stood up, her tummy was still flat, though there was a barely visible baby belly under the front of her still fitting short shorts. When I felt our baby, my cock wiggled hard in my team speedo. When I stared at my mother's tummy, I was impressed by how my cum was making her tummy grow with our baby inside.

Then months later, I was already 13, my mother was 29, it was '98. Her growing belly looked sexy in her bikini. We were walking at the edge of a flowing river when some college age guys stared at my mother's belly and their cocks got hard in their shorts and speedos.

Then when she put on her short shorts for pregnant ladies, the front of them were sexy as they were stretched way over her belly. There was very little of her bare belly showing off between her shorts and bikini bra. I thought she looked even sexier dressed that way than just in her bikini.




it started when i was just 10 years old, my mom and dad fell out of love with each other, mostly he went on long business trips, i hardly ever knew him anyway.

one night when i got ready for bed, my mom asked me to sleep with her, when i asked what if my dad suddenly came home from one of his business trips and found me in bed with her, she'd told me not to worry about that and that he wasn't coming home anymore, that she'd became widowed, the last time i'd ever seen him was several weeks before he'd been killed from some over seas car bombing.

that night, i'd slept in my nylon short shorts and she'd slept in her panties and bra. she was luscious looking and slim in her underwear, my dick was suddenly hard in my short shorts, her tits had hardened in her bra too.

when we both slept together that night, i'd woke up with cum all down the crotch of my short shorts, i quietly got up, cleaned the mess and had changed in my white and green striped speedo, rinsed the cum out of my short shorts, then got back to bed.

the next morning, i got up, lucky me, no cum on the sheets, my short shorts were dry off the shower door, i put them in the hamper, then my mom woke up, smiled when she saw me in my speedo, she said i could start sleeping with her from that night on.

that day, we'd gone swimming at her friend's house and had a good time there. my mom, then in her early 30s, was sexy and luscious in her bikini.

7 or 8 weeks after she told me she'd been widowed, she puked up then when i found her in her room, she'd stood there at the mirror in her panties and bra looking at her tummy and had rubbed the the front of her panties.

when i'd asked her if she might have come down with something, she smiled and said she might be pregnant, she even wanted me to feel her tummy, when i felt her tummy, my dick had felt suddenly hard.

the next day after i got home from my friend's house, my mom was all smiles and had a glow in her face, when i'd took off my jersey and was in only my jean short shorts, she'd broke the news she was expecting my baby.

when i'd asked my mom to look at her tummy, she'd gladly pulled off her dress, out came her bra, still flat tummy, panties, thigh high pantyhoses and sandals.

my dick had gotten so throbbing hard i'd cummed in my short shorts when i'd felt my baby in my mom's tummy, she was all happy.

weeks later after that baby news, i was at my friend's house for a sleep over, there was just 4 of us, i was the only one in my speedo, then my friend got in his speedo when he saw me in mine, our 2 other friends went home and got in their speedos at the last minute, so the 4 of were in our speedos and our dicks were hard.

the next morning, after i got home from my friend's sleep over, i was still in my speedo when i got home, there was my mom, all smiles, her glowing face and our baby had already began to show, she was in her her pregnancy short shorts and pregnancy bikini bra, only a 2 inch swath of bare tummy between the front of her short shorts and bra and her luscious legs, feeling my baby made me get all sexually aroused in my speedo.

when i got done feeling my baby, i'd run to the bathroom in time to cum down the toilet, then she'd wanted to go to the beach, her and me both, when we got there, only a handful of people were there, some guys, grown men even, got big hard dicks, some in their speedos, just from staring at my mom's then pregnant tummy at the time.

a little over 2 months before she'd had our baby, she'd invited me to the fitting room at this clothing store for pregnant women, inside the fitting room, she'd tried on several dresses, one dress had a high hem line, she'd pulled up her half slip around half way between the top of her panties and bra, my dick had throbbed hard in my jean short shorts, lucky me, i didn't cum.

that day, she couldn't find any dress she liked, when we got home from that clothing store that day, I'd stripped down to my jean short shorts when my mom had stripped only to her bra and pregnancy skirt, there was just an inch of bare tummy between the front of her skirt and bra, my dick throbbed so hard, i'd cummed in my jean short shorts.




Growing up my mom wore these silky nightgowns. I never noticed until one night watching TV I couldn't keep my eyes off of her big tits and nipples that poked through her near see-through nightie. From that day on I jerked off thinking about her nipples and spent as much time at home at night as I could.

When I was 14 I was jerking off one day in the bathroom and she walked in. My cock was pretty big at that point, about 6 1/2 inches hard. She just stared as I attempted to cover myself up. They had been divorced for a few years now and mom never went out. She told me not to cover up, that she wanted to see what I had. She said she was very proud of the size of my cock. I blushed. She stepped forward and put her hand on it. After stroking it a few times she left the bathroom and went to bed.

A few nights later I was in bed stroking myself when my bedroom door opened and she walked in wearing her most see-through nightie. "It's time I taught you," she said and walked over to my bed. My cock was sticking straight up and she didn't hesitate. She crawled on the bed between my legs and put my cock in her mouth. "What are you doing?" I asked, a little scared. "Don't worry, honey, you'll like this," she said. She was right. I loved her mouth on my cock. I thrust upwards a little and she said, "That's it. Fuck mama's mouth, baby." I started to hump her face, fucking her mouth as hard as I could. She took my entire cock in her mouth until her lips were on my pubes.

She sensed I was ready and said, "Go ahead, honey. Cum for mama." I couldn't hold back any longer and started cumming. I was a normal, horny 14 year old boy and came for all I was worth. I finished cumming and she took her mouth off of my cock and crawled on top of me. She kissed me and shoved her cum covered tongue between my lips. She was gyrating on my cock and I was getting hard again. "My cunt is so wet," she said. "I need you to fuck me right now." She placed my cock against her pussy and sat down. "Oh, fuck, honey," she kept saying over and over. We fucked for about a half hour and I started cumming again.

She finally rolled off of me and said, "Honey, you can never tell anyone about this." I shook my head. "Good. This is our little secret, and whenever you want a taste of my pussy you just say so and I'll try to accommodate you."

I couldn't believe it. My mom was offering me her cunt whenever I wanted it. We fucked so much that summer I was becoming a real pro. I'm 22 now and for some odd reason I still live at home. Hmmmm....