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It started way back when I was 11, my mom was 30 and was 4 months pregnant, it was '90 at the time. My dad was away on business for the month.

(Two months earlier, when my mom annonced with a glowing smile on her face that she was pregnant, her tummy was still slim at the time. She was in her bikini when she told me, it made me hard in my short shorts to feel the baby of a slim sexy women in her bikini, mom or no mom.)

Then it happened one afternoon when I got home from summer school. After I had lunch, I put on my speedo for afternoon swim practice and for the first time, my dick got huge hard, I looked down, it was big. I needed my hardness to go away, I had swim practice that day, it wouldn't, so I wrapped my beach towel over me.

Then my mom came home from her doctor and said her baby was all nice and healthy. That day, she had on a skirt and matching loose fitting top and asked me to feel her baby, before I had the chance to feel my mom's baby, to my surprise, she lifted up her top and out came just a glimpse of her bra and her tummy or what very little of her tummy I could see as the top of her skirt had stretched way over her growing tummy.

When I felt her baby, my mom said 'Oh sweety, I love how that feels, can you please feel me some more?' I said 'I got swim practice today and I'm already in my trunks, I'm going to be late.' She said 'Don't worry, I called the pool and got you out of practice today.'

Then she wanted me to hang out with her in her room, first I put the towel away, then when I went to her room, there she stood in only her panties and bra. I was sexually aroused in my speedo when I saw how my mom's panties had stretched almost up to her bra.

When I felt her baby, she did a hand job between my legs, then we both got naked and were my mom's breasts all nice and sexy. Then she sat by the corner of her bed and spread her legs when I pumped my big hard dick up her tight little slit.

After we both made out on her bed, we both took a shower together, my dick was huge and hard when I felt her baby when she did a hand job while we were showering. Then when we'd gotten ready for bed, she was in her panties and bra when I was in my flyless underpants. I never got enough from feeling my mom's baby at the time she was pregnant.

When my mom was a little over 6 months pregnant, it was the last day of summer school, I was huge ingénieur my mom goodby when my dick got huge hard in my short shorts underneath. When I was ready to leave the house, my mom had opened up her blouse and out came her big short shorts, her little bit of tummy and her bikini bra.

When I saw how sexy she'd looked that day, I skipped my last day of summer school, took off my shirt, felt her baby when my dick had gotten hard in my short shorts. Then we went to the beach that day at her say so. When we were on the beach that day, I was in my speedo, my mom was in her bikini bra and short shorts.

While I was playing in the water, a couple high school boys in speedos got all wiggling hard from looking at my mom's tummy as they walked by.




today i'm 34, back when i was 12, i spent 2 weeks at summer camp. just 1 week before i went to summer camp, my mom, 31 back then and had a real sexy body, and i went swimming a my aunt's place, she looked sexy in her bikini, so did my aunt. to watch my mom and my aunt in their bikinis made my dick hard in my speedo.

the day i went to camp, my mom said there would be a surprise for me when i got back from camp. 2 weeks later, when i got home from camp, the surprise was my mom was pregnant at almost 5 months. she had on a large sheer loose fitting top and short shorts on underneath. that made my dick so hard, i hid the bulge in my short shorts with some of my camping gear.

when i put my camping gear away, i hung out in my room watching how big my dick got in my short shorts. for the rest of that day, it was just me and my mom. then my mom wanted me to see her in her room, when i got there, she already lifted up her large top, my heart beat real fast when i saw how high her short shorts stretched, there was only 3 or so inches below her bra.

her tummy curved out from her bra and down to the crotch of her short shorts. when she was pregnant at the time, my mom's breasts were d cup size. when i felt my mom's baby, i thought about how sexy she was in her bikini, at that time my mom did not look pregnant at all. she also didn't say anything about going to have a baby.

after i was done feeling her baby, i went back in my room and felt how hard my dick was in my short shorts.




It started when I was age 11 and my mom was 30 and was pregnant at the time. At age 11 I started getting erections whenever I wore short shorts.

At that age when I saw my mom in her maternity panties and bra after she took off her loose fitting baby doll dress on this one occasion, I got an erection in my short shorts.

That day when she stood in front of her bedroom mirror rubbing her nearly round tummy, my heard started beating real fast, I was sure turned on by how her panties had stretched way over her tummy.

When she invited me to feel her baby, the 2 inch swath of her soft round tummy between her bra and the top of her panties was a definite turn on.




It had started several nights before the school year had started, my mom and I had been by ourselves in a motel room, I had started getting ready for bed when my mom had asked me to sleep with her, I still had on my short shorts when she still had on her short shorts and bikini bra. Then we had both taken off our short shorts, I was in my striped speedo, my mom was in her bikini. When we'd both gotten in bed that night, we'd caressed each other, her tits were sexy hard in her bikini bra, my dick was huge and hard in my speedo. We stayed at it till we were both asleep. This had all happened when my mom was in her mid 30s, when I was in 7th grade at age 12 and 13, way back in the early 70s.

Around 1 month after school had started, my mom had gone around the house in her bikini, at that time, I'd had no way to tell she was pregnant.

Almost 2 months after school had started, my mom sat me down one day and let me know she was going to have a baby and that she would have the baby in the very next June when the school year had ended. When she'd told me this, she'd already pulled off her blouse and skirt. I'd gotten all hard in my short shorts and had stripped to my briefs when I'd seen my mom's stomach all squishy between her panties and bra.

After she let me feel her baby, I went to my room and had enjoyed rubbing myself in my briefs, I couldn't help myself. I remembered around those several nights in that motel room before I'd entered 7th grade, my mom was had shown off her sexy flat stomach in her bikini, it made me get all big and hard in my striped speedo.

At age 11, I'd started cumming, sometimes in speedos, sometimes in my briefs, I had always some how cleaned it up so my mom wouldn't know.

There had been a few times when my mom had gone around the house in her panties and bras and still showed off her still flat stomach after she'd told me about her pregnancy, I had gotten hard in my short shorts just from watching her feel her baby.

The day I turned 13, my mom let me look at her stomach as her pregnancy had just began showing, she'd had on pregnancy panties and bra when I had on briefs, was I all nice and hard in my briefs from feeling her baby as my mom's belly had already started blossoming.

When her pregnancy had started showing and she'd started getting a belly, she'd started wearing seethrough nightgowns, so I still saw what was underneath. When she'd said goodnight to me, I would take a glance at her seethrough nightgown, I had seen what her belly had looked like in her pregnancy panties and bras. I'd started rubbing myself every night till I had fallen to sleep.

Then around Easter vacation when my mom was 6 to 7 months pregnant, I was in my speedo and was ready to put on my basketball jersey when my mom had asked me to her room. There she was in her dress and had asked me if I wanted to look at her belly. I told her I wasn't up to it when she said it was ok. Then as she pulled off her dress, out came her nice slim legs, big pregnancy panties stretched around her belly, a three inch swath of bare belly and bra, was my dick hard in my speedo.

Then she'd had something else to tell me, she'd asked me if I had remembered our night in our motel room those several nights before I'd gone back to school, I told her yes. Then she had told me I was the father of our baby, that the baby had happened in her stomach on that night when we'd both been in that motel room.

My mom had smiled when she told me that and that she'd wanted to be pregnant. We both kept this from my dad who never knew I was the father of what he'd thought was his baby.

After hearing the news, I'd stared at her 3 inch swath of bare belly knowing that went from a flat stomach to a round belly when I was hard in my striped speedo.




Seeing my mom's tummy

It was back when I was 9, my mom was 32, it was '91. One Saturday, I had just changed into my speedo for the day. My mom, then around 5 months pregnant, had gotten home, she'd seen me in my speedo and was she aroused to see me dressed like that.

My mom had worn a loose fitting dress and I'd noticed her breasts had gotten a little bit larger, her tummy had been growing big and I had started getting aroused at 9 years old in my speedo. She'd gotten home from doing some little bit of shopping.

Sometime later, when I was in my room, my mom had tapped on my bedroom door, I turned, there she was, in only her short shorts and bikini bra, my dick got hard. Then she said 'Hey sweety feel mommy's tummy.' When I felt her growing tummy, I felt my dick hardening in my speedo. I was turned on by how the top of her short shorts had stretched way over her navel.




Right now, I'm 48. I remember as a child, my mom would occasionally go around the house in her bras and panties, some times she was in her bras and short shorts, she wasn't shy about it. My mom was in her 20s at the time, she'd just turned 15 when she had me, her body was sexy in her 2 piece bathing suits.

Looking at her tummy in her bras and panties, her bras and short shorts back then made me get hard when I wore short shorts or my square little tight square cut bathing suits.

One day when I was 7, my mom was in her bra and panties after I got home from school, my dick got hard in my short shorts when I stared at her tummy.

The front of her panties had a lace front panel for the first time and the top of her panties had come up a little bit higher than before too.

Then my mom had said 'Hey sweety, want to feel?' I got a little shy in the face when she said 'It's all right sweety, won't you come feel?' When I felt the front of her panties, it felt nice as my dick was hard when she said 'I'm going to have a baby.' Then she said 'Are you feeling bothered? I'm noticing a bulge in your shorts.' I said 'Kind of.'

My mom said 'It's nothing to be ashamed of sweety, you're a boy, it's natural for your wee wee to get big at times like these.' Then she said 'What you think of my panties sweety?' I said 'I like them alot.' Then she said 'They're maternity panties, it means my tummy's going to get big in a few weeks.' I said 'I'm looking forwards to when your tummy's big.'

Then my mom hugged me and said 'I'm glad you're looking forwards to when I have the baby.' Then she rubbed this little bulge I had in my short shorts at the time when I smiled. She said 'Does it bother you when I rub you there?' I said 'No it doesn't, I like how it feels.'

Weeks later, my mom's tummy had started growing, at first, it looked like she had a volleyball under her short shorts and her breasts had gotten nice and big under her baby doll top, her legs were sexy.

Early that day, I was in my tight little square cut bathing suit because later that day, I was going to my swimming lessons. Before I went swimming that day, my mom had come in the living room in her baby doll top and short shorts. My dick was hard when she said 'Is your wee wee bothering you sweety?' I said in a shy voice 'Yeh it is.' She said 'Is it bothering you because you want to look at my tummy?' I said 'Yeh kind of.'

Then she took off her baby doll top, out came the front panel of her short shorts stretched over her swelling tummy, there was a little bit of bare tummy between the top of her short shorts and maternity bra. My heard started beating real fast when I felt her baby when my mom said 'What you think sweety?' I said 'I like how your tummy looks.'

Weeks later and weeks before my mom had her baby at age 22, I had come out of my room only in my short shorts when she called me to her room. When I went to her room, there she was, in her maternity bras and maternity panties all stretched around her nice round tummy.

I said 'Wow I can see your tummy.' She said 'I have on big panties sweety, you can see very little bit of my tummy.' I said 'I like that I can see very little bit of your tummy.' She said 'Here come and feel.' When I felt her baby, I stared at her little bit of bare tummy between the top of her panties and bra.

Then my mom said 'You sure love looking at my tummy don't you?' I said 'I sure do.' She'd said 'Does looking at my tummy bother your wee wee sweety?' I said 'It does and I don't mind.' She said with a smile 'I thought so.'

A year later when I was 8 and after my mom, then 23, had gotten her figure back, she was sexy in her bra and short shorts when I got home from school that day. She'd invited me to her room, my dick had gotten hard in my short shorts when I saw her nice flat tummy between her short shorts and bra.

She'd smiled when I had pulled off my shirt that day, she let me fold linins when she had done her ironing that day.




My mother's belly

In '78, I was 11, my mother was 30something when she had my baby. When I was 18 months old, my mother was widowed, so it was just me and her.

The day I turned 11, my mother wanted me to have sex with her, it was her birthday present to me and it was the first time I filled her clit with all my seed.

Then more than a month later, she came home in her bikini bra and dolphin short shorts, I was shirtless in my dolphin short shorts, when she came up to me and felt what was my baby and my mother's baby, I got hard in my short shorts and she smiled when she saw the bulge between my short shorts and when I felt my baby.

Then after that, I went in my room and put on my speedo and rubbed myself, then later my mother smiled when she found me in my speedo. I told her I felt like wearing my speedo, she said I looked sexy in it.

Just several weeks later, we stayed at a motel, my mother was in her bikini and I was in my speedo when we were at the pool. When I was in the water, she was laying in the pool lounge and rubbed where she was just beginning to have a belly, I watched my mother feel my baby in her bikini, my dick was so hard I shot a huge cum load in the pool water in my speedo, we were the only 2 at the pool.

Then I wanted to go back to our room, when my mother came back in our room, I was shirtless in my dolphin short shorts. I felt my baby, my dick bulged out hard in my short shorts. Then we both got nude and had sex in the bathroom.

Weeks later, when my mother's belly first got big, she was in big short shorts stretched way over her belly, she pulled up her top and ooh wow, out came her bra and just a little bit of her bare belly above her short shorts.

When I saw how she was dressed, I took off my windbreaker and was all hard in my speedo when I felt my baby in my mother's belly.