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My mom's bra and short shorts

I was 14, it was 1973 and my mom was 34 and had always been single. It was a hot summer day and she was dressed in tight short shorts pulled way over her belly button for the first time and her nude lace bra gracing her beautifully swelling breasts, showed very little of her still nearly flat tummy. I was only wearing my tight bathing suit because the air conditioner was broken.

I stared at my mom's hot little ass cheeks and her lusciously slim legs in those short shorts of hers as the back of her bra hiked up lots higher, showed lots more of her back than her tummy when she leaned against the wall fanning herself when she said she needed to talk to me for a moment.

She said "Son, you probably haven't noticed but mommy's tummy's started to change a little." I had noticed, but I didn't say so. She said, "The reason is, mommy's going to have a baby, this is why mommy's got on such big stretchy short shorts for the occasion and mommy's so proud to soon have nice big breasts too."

I forgot exactly what I said, but it was something like, "What? How....I mean, who is the.." She cut me off by saying, "How and who isn't important. The point is before long you're going to have a baby brother or sister. Isn't that exciting?"

I guess I was just staring at her tummy because after a few awkward seconds she took my hand and put it on her tummy, and I couldn't resist caressing it, especially when I had an incredibly hard erection in my bathing suit. She said, "You can't see much yet, but there's a bump there, can you feel it?" I nervously said "Yes."

I don't know why, but I just kept rubbing her tummy and as I did so, for whatever reason, I knelt low to the front of my mom's short shorts and kissed her barely visible baby bump. She said "Awww son, that's so beautifu!." But just after that my hard erection got so incredibly huge, it started wiggling around in my bathing suit, I moved back quickly.

It was a good thing I ran to my bedroom when I did, just as I closed my bedroom door, my erection suddenly popped out of my bathing suit and when I pushed it back in, I cummed in no time and the entire crotch of my bathing suit was completely stained.




I caught the maiesiophilia bug when I was just 8. It was 1997, my auntie (my late dad's then 22 year old sister) was 4 months pregnant at the time started showing, came over to babysit since my mom (then 31) had to go to a company function.

I was still in my speedo from a day of swimming when my auntie came over. After my mom left for her company function, I noticed something about my auntie's breasts, they were a little larger than I remembered just weeks earlier.

Then when I watched her feel her tummy, she said "Want to feel?" When I said "Please." She actually lifted up her loose fitting blouse and my pecker got hard. I was impressed in how my auntie's short shorts stretch panel covered over her then blossoming baby bump, the bare part of her still flat tummy between the waist band of her short shorts and bra it made my pecker hard.

My pecker got hard in my speedo, and my auntie's breasts were nice and sexy in her bra, and so were her sexy hard tits. My auntie had me touching her tummy, when she did a hand job on my speedo bulge til we both fell asleep.

Then in the middle of the night, my mom woke me up and said "Time for bed sweety." When I got up my mom said "Want to sleep with me tonight?" I said "Please." Then I asked "Where's auntie?" My mom smiled and said "She went home already, she lovingly said to tell you goodnight."

When my mom and me got to her room, she said "I got you something." It was several pairs of animal print girls panties, yes I wore panties since I could remember, it started after I was all toilet trained and my mom got me what she thought was boys briefs at the time, and since I didn't mind, neither did my mom. I tried on the tiger striped kind, my pecker got hard and I said "Thank you for getting me these." Then I went right to sleep.

The next morning, when I got up, my mom stood in front of her mirror touching her tummy in her bra and panties that seemed little higher than I remember, and had some tummy panel too. Then she caught me watching her, and said "How about touching mommy's tummy?" I said "You too please, I love to!" She said "I sure am, I'm a month and a half pregnant, mommy's tummy going to be just like auntie's tummy isn't that exciting!"

Then my mom had to sit me down and explain something to me about being a surrogate mother to her cousin and her then new husband since her cousin couldn't have kids of her own, and adoption was out of the question.

To make long story short, my mom allowed her cousin's husband to impregnate her, and there was no company function the night before, my mom didn't have time at the moment to explain surrogate motherhood to my auntie since my auntie was my dad's sister, his side of the family anyway.

What my mom really did was follow on her then month and a half pregnancy appointment at a nearby clinic and splurged on maternity shopping, as my mom's cousin's husband cut her a huge sum of money for maternity clothes. What my mom wore that morning was maternity panties, and bra.

That morning when I felt my mom's tummy, she did a hand job on my pantycrotch. Just a few weeks later, I took one on one swimming excersises with a swimming instrutor(then in her early 20s), who herself was pregnant, and had a cantaloupe size baby bump under the stretch panel of her panty leg short shorts, her bare tummy had slanted out some between her sports bra ,and her short shorts. My swimming instrutor was not shy about revealing her then pregnant tummy.

Even when my pecker got hard in my speedo, my swimming instrutor was not shy about that either, she too did hand jobs on my speedo crotch. The summer 1997 was a pleasuring time for me, my mom expecting a baby for her cousin and her cousin's husband, my auntie expecting a baby, my swimming instrutor expecting a baby. All 3 of those pregnant women at the time sure did a number on my pecker, especially in my short shorts, speedos, and panties.

At that time, I'd looked at maternity underwear ads in some of those pregnancy magazines, especially pregnant women in their bras, big maternity panties stretched way over their big round baby bumps, my pecker got hard in my short shorts every time.

In 2003, I was 14 when I got my first personal computer. Since I still had a thing for pregnant women in their bras and big panties since 1997, I'd let my pecker get so hard I'd shot out huge cum loads in my panties, speedos,or just my short shorts.

Then in 2007, I was 18, my mom was 41 when she announced that she going to be a surrogate mother again, this time for another couple who couldn't have children nor could they adopt. When my mom lifted up her maternity blouse, and showed off her maternity short shorts, the look of her then still flat tummy and bra made my pecker hard, so hard, I ran to my room, stripped down to my panties, cummed huge loads at once.




Last day of summer school

In the early 90's I remember my pregnant teacher in the last class on the last day of summer school in early August, she was in her late 30's, almost 4 and 1-2 months pregnant, was already showing and I was 12. The way my teacher's top flowed over her swelling breasts and growing tummy and, oh the sexy look of her short shorts, made my penis throb hard in my swimsuit.

I had to keep both my bare legs tight together when in my swimsuit so I don't think no body else saw what was happening between my legs, especially since my penis kept on throbbing hard thanks to my teacher's pregnant figure. Fifteen minutes before the end of class, she whispered in my ear to stay after class.

The minute the bell rung, the whole rest of the class left and, every body else was gone, she came up to me ,took me right to where it was "no students allowed authorized staff only" told me to set my things down. My teacher was so sexually aroused by how hard my penis throbbed in my swimsuit she pulled off her top, what a display!

I was so sexually aroused by how the top of her short shorts stretched way high over the growing part of her tummy. The almost flat part of her tummy bare between her high in the waist short shorts and bra made my heart beat real fast, my teacher's pregnant breasts were something else to look at too! My teacher and me enjoyed ourselves, it was an incredible time we spent. Then awhile later, she snuck me out and took me home herself.

The minute I got home, I went in my room, wanked and cummed in my swimsuit because my teacher's pregnant figure was still on my mind. I was the only one home till 8 oclock that night.




My second grade experience

When I was in second grade, my teacher, nice and sexy in her 20s, wore lots of seethrough clothes and short skirts.

Even at 7(and 8 years old in February 87), my dick got hard whenever she bent over in front of me when she would help another kid in class near my desk, and the back of her dress rode up for a pantycrotch flash.

As spring set in I wore short shorts, around that time I started noticing her breasts were growing, I felt my dick grow between my short shorts.

Then I noticed after Easter break was over and we were back in class, through one of her seethrough dresses, her tummy started to swell under the front of her panties, then she started feeling her tummy there.

My second grade teacher never gave up on seethrough clothes.

By May when she told the whole class she was pregnant, we all cheered, my dick got hard in my short shorts though nobody saw anything since my dick was small at the time.

That day at lunch time, my teacher came by and escorted me back to the classroom I thought I had to redo a class assignment, she sometimes would do that with us.

Only this time and the minute she locked the classroom door, she lifted up her maternity blouse, there was her growing tummy, bare between the high waist of her maternity skirt and bra.

She said she did this because she liked seeing me in my short shorts and she did notice how hard I got in my short shorts since her pregnancy started showing, she was totally flattered by my feelings for her growing tummy.

Other boys sometimes wore shorts to class, just not like my short shorts at the time.

It was quite a pleasure touching her bare tummy, especially just above her skirt' s high waist band, I even took my shirt off just for our secret tummy touching.

Since I couldn't stop thinking about when my second grade teacher showed me her pregnant tummy in the classroom, when class was at lunch and how her skirt swept high across where her tummy was growing round , my dick got hard lots of times that day in my short shorts.

When I got home, I spent that afternoon in my room rubbing myself in my underpants.

The next day I wore my speedo under my running shorts, when I stood in line before class begun, my teacher whispered in my ear to stay after school.

Almost at the end of the day, she reminded me again to stay after school.

After class was excused, my teacher snuck me into her office , she took off her dress, I took off my clothes when my dick was getting hard under my speedo, as I touched the bare part of my teacher's growing tummy between the high waist of her big maternity panties and bra.

That day her tummy was just a little bit rounder under her panties than the day before.

Amazingly we were able to keep our little secret in place.

When I got home that day, I was in my room, and for 8 years old at the time I sure enjoyed how hard my dick got in my speedo.




My pregnant substitute teacher

This happend to me in fifth grade, I was just 11 years old and for a week, we had a substitute teacher, she was in her 20s and I think 6 months pregnant, on her last substitute teacher day before our regular teacher came back from a funeral, she wanted me to stay after school for a half hour, I couldn't figure out why. Then when the last bell rang, and every body else left, she called me in the back room, I couldn't still figure out what I did to make me stay after school or if the vice principal was going to come yell at me.

Then when she locked the door, she wanted me out of my shirt, so when I tok my shirt off, I offered to take my kaki shorts off too because I had on a striped panty like bathing suit underneath and she said yes. My substitute teacher lit up when she saw me in my bathing suit. Then she pulled off her smock and skirt, ohh woow! My dick got hard and suddenly wigled in my bathing suit when she showed me her little bare sliver of her rounding belly peeping out between the lace panel of her panties and lace bra. When I felt her baby, she felt my bathing suit bulge. I told my substitute teacher that day it was our secret and she agreed on the spot. When I got home, I went to my room, took everything off except my bathing suit and masturbated in it. No I didn't shoot cums till couple weeks later. That was almost 30 years ago that happened.




Detention not so boring

I was 13 when I had to serve detention for showing up late in class for a third time in the same semester, a new rule for the 88, 89 school year. When I showed up for detention, there was this pregnant teacher-6 months I think, she was a sexy 20-something babe, it was her turn for detention duty.

There were just 5 of us that day, 2 8th graders, another 7th grader like myself, and a 6th grader she was the only girl on detention that day, the rest of us were guys, I was the only guy in short shorts that day. Because that teacher was pregnant, my dick would not stop staying hard in my short shorts no matter how tightly closed my totally bare legs were even though we all had to stare straight ahead at the bulletin board.

I had this weird feeling, that teacher was staring at my legs then after 15 minutes, she excused everyone. When I got up from my seat, she warned me to sit down.

After the other 4 students went home, and the coast was clear, she smiled at me, and asked me to undressed from the waist up, when I took my jacket off, my whole torso was bare.

Then that teacher rubbed my short shorts bulge, then she pulled off her dress, and what a view! The way her 2 inch swath of bare belly showed off between the very high front of her huge panty style bicycle short shorts and bra, my dick got throbbing hard in my short shorts.

That day detention wasn't so boring after all. When I got home, I was by myself, wanked and shot loads of cums down my short shorts.




Pregnant belly fetish

I was just hanging out after school and one of my teachers (in her late 20',early 30's?) came out of the faculty room all dressed in her running outfit, black short shorts, tee shirt,feeling her belly when her pregnancy just started to show.

And she caught me staring at her belly..I was like noo Then she came up over to me and wanted me to touch her belly since I was staring at her.

She said she was close to 5 months along and before I got to even touch her belly, she even took her shirt off and I touched what little my teacher showed off of her bare belly. The very high waistband of her short shorts came way past her belly button and her nude lace bra,it got my dick soo throbbing hard.

When I got home that day, I wanked in my briefs. It was any wonder nobody at school ever found out about us. I don't know what became of my teacher after my 7th grade school year ended. Because we moved I went to 8th grade at a different school.

Of that time being for the last few weeks of my 7th grade year, she allowed me every day after school to let me touch her belly bare her backroom office.

She wore her bras, big belly short shorts, I wore my leopard print speedos (my teacher got me those) for our backroom afterschool interludes til she was little over 6 months pregnant when my 7th grade year ended.