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My wife had been frustrated with our Son for quite some time. They would argue about important things like his grades, not helping around the house enough, but mostly superficial stupid things. Their arguments were daily now and things were coming to a head. I mostly stayed out of it thinking it would all work out in the end and eventually it did in a weird kind of way.

After dinner one evening, my wife went for a swim in our pool. I saw my Son make his way out the back for the same. I heard his Mother ask, "What do you think your doing young man?"

He told her, "I'm going to swim, Mom."

"Did you finish your homework like I told you first?"

"Oh, Mom..."

I was guessing he wanted to cop a few looks at his swimsuit model Mom so he could jerk off later thinking about her.

By the time I made it to the back yard, things had gotten pretty heated. They were arguing back and forth non stop until they started to yell. My Son gave up on his swim and slammed the door when he went back inside. His Mother dropped her jaw. I never saw her so triggered before. I heard them yelling from his room for a couple more minutes and then silence at last. I went inside to see if everything was alright when I got the surprise of my life.

I saw Billy behind his Mother while she was bent over the kitchen table. He was already in her and going for broke. I didn't know what to say and I knew he didn't want to stop, so I just watched in silence. His Mom kept saying things like, "Oh, yeah, baby... that's it! Do it, sweetie... take it out on your Mother..."

About another minute went by with his Mother coaxing him on. Billy told his Mom he was getting close... getting ready to cum in her.

I started getting hard but anxious too not wanting Billy to cum in his Mom. I didn't want him getting her knocked up. I got a little closer to the action and was relieved to realized he was in her ass and not in her pussy.

I heard him tell her, "Oh, Mom, yeah... I'm gonna cum, Mom... Your going to make me cum in your ass, Mom..."

"Do it, I know you want to, sweetie... Do it, you won't get me pregnant in my ass... just let it go, Billy..."

I watched Billy's face scrunch up and strain as he began to pant and grunt, blowing his load of frustration deep inside his Mom.

His Mother, jaw wide open, leaned over the table and let him pulse and explode in her. She lowered her head while she let him finish in her before she began to relax.

Seeing this, I was rock hard so made my way to the bathroom to rub one out.

That was the hottest think I ever saw. Now its a daily thing and I get to watch them make it all the time; so hot...