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With my Son and I living alone for the last two years, I’ve let him fill the void of being, “The man of the house.”

Doing well in school, I believe he’s earned it.

The latest void I let him fill with me was our first attempt at anal sex.

I bought a bottle of Valm and OMG this stuff works so incredibly well!

As soon as my Son is lubed and ready for me, I’ll let him press me a few times until he can firmly glide balls deep up into his Mothers inviting ass.

He’s always so hard for me to feel every ripple of his rock hard cock, but it’s the Valm gel that makes it so easy for him to take me from behind to back door me as long as he needs to.

I always let him take his time. Again, it’s just the two of us.

On the weekends, when we have more time, my Son likes to fuck me in the ass when we’re in the pool.

Since fucking in our pool is a little erotic for us and the Valm works underwater, I let him take me in our pool whenever he wants.

Oh, my sweet little boy… deeply filling the darkest of his Mother’s voids…




As I was deepthroating the big nice hard cock that had just came through the gloryhole, I was thinking that I really wanted to feel this thing pulsing as it bred my tight ass. I was pulling my head back to where the big head was just inside my lips, twirl my tongue around the head and probe the piss slit, then take it all the way back down my throat until my nose was smashed up against the stall wall, I did this several times, then took it all the way down and held it there. The owner knew what to do and started fucking my mouth and throat. I felt the head starting to swell and he started moaning like he was about to cum, but I wanted him to cum in my ass so I pulled off of him, but wrapped my left hand around it and slowly stroked it as I pulled my shorts and underwear down, spun around, and placed the head of his cock up against my man hole that I had already pre-lubed and started pushing my way back on it.

It felt so good as it slowly entered me, there was a little pain because it was so big, it hurt so good! After it was all the way inside me and my ass checks were smashed up against the stall wall he started slowly pulling out then back in until he had a pretty fast pace.

I was in heaven and didn't want it to end, but I heard him starting to moan again and I knew he would be filling me up very soon. I felt the wall move pushing me so I knew he was as deep as he could get when he moaned and I felt his cock swell and start pulsing as it was pumping me full of his seed.

I didn't move, I just let him savor the feeling of breeding my tight ass. We stayed like that for 30 seconds or more, then I felt him pulling out of me. I instantly felt his warm cum running down my ball sack and the inside of my leg. I had been bred by a real stud, so much cum, I loved it.

I sat back down on the toilet to let the cum drip out. I heard him leave his stall and he stopped in front of mine and whispered for me to meet him out by the picnic tables so we could trade info to hook up again.

I finished letting the cum run out of me, cleaned up, and pulled my shorts back up and headed to the picnic tables. As I came out the bathroom door and looked over at the tables the only guy standing there was my dad. I almost passed out, my dad had just fucked and bred me with the nicest cock I had ever had. I didn't know what to do, I felt like running in the opposite direction, but just as I started too, he turned around and saw me.

I walked toward him with my head down not knowing how he was going to react, but as I got close he said, wow, was that your ass I just fucked son? As I sat down at the table, I looked up at him and said, yes sir. He proceeded to say, all this time I could have been fucking that tight ass of yours and I didn't know it? Again, but this time with a smile, I said, yes sir. He said, well follow me home, you mom and brother won't be home for at least another 2-3 hours, that gives us enough time for me to see how your throat feels when I shoot my seed into your belly and if you're a good enough cock sucker to get me hard again so I can fuck that ass again. I said, lead the way daddy.

After that day me and my dad fucked more than you can imagine. If we were at home alone, his cock was buried inside me until he filled me up. And if my mother or brother was around me and dad would make a run to the local Home Depot and as soon as we were out of the drive way his cock was hitting the back of my throat...




For nearly 25 years now I have been in a sexual relationship with my mother that began when I was 28 and she was 49. For the first 5 years mom and I where in a monogamous relationship living together as a couple. When my youngest sister nearly caught mom and I we started dating other people to shake her suspicions but, maintained our sexual relationship. We both eventually got married and our affair continued throughout our marriages until they both ended in divorce. My mother and I haven't been with anyone else since.

During my marriage my sexual relationship with my mother affected my sex life with my wife. I found it difficult to become aroused and maintain an erection when I was being intimate with my wife. When I was with my mother, my lust for her would keep me hard as a rock and my ejaculations were abundant. My mother and I have always been there for each other. My mother and I have always made ourselves available to satisfy our sexual desires.




I was over at one of my bull's places for the weekend to have fun and get properly fucked. We had everything planned and made sure we'd have no interruptions, the weekend was going to be perfect.

Things changed when his 18yo son decided to come for a visit unannounced. At first I was upset to have things interrupted until I thought about it for a moment. He was very cute and seeing the outline in his pants he's obviously gifted like his father.

I'd decided I wanted him and focused on seducing him. He quickly responded to my advances and I had him licking my pussy as I played with his big cock. I edged him without letting him cum for about an hour and a half so he'd be ready for anything I'd suggest. I told him I wanted a threesome and invited him father in soon after. Those boys ravaged me and seemed to compete on who could make me cum more. It was so hot. The hottest was when they were both inside me, with just a thin layer of skin separating their cocks. I came knowing that their balls were touching each other, and I'm sure they got each other's cum on their dicks.




I'm a 39yo white, 130lbs, curly red hair, mom of one from the south with a very unique need. I was raised being spanked and as I got older I found myself still requiring a red fanny. After my parents passed away I didn't have anyone to provide that so while my son was at school. I'd take a hefty wooden brush that I purchased online just for spanking, bare my butt and place myself over the kitchen table and try to put a deep red burn in my butt.

When my son was 14 he skipped his last period at school to come back home to get sports equipment that he'd forgotten and needed for practice and saw me conducting my spanking from the backdoor window. (Which I found out a few days later)

A couple days later he practically yelled a question out at me while having dinner, "Mom why were you spanking yourself in the kitchen?" Once the shock wore off and I could find my words I explained everything to him honestly but with great shame. He listened patiently, asked a few questions and seemed quite shocked that yes I needed to have it without the choice of how long or hard a spanking would be.

The conversation lightened up and I began sharing stories with him about things that used to happen when I was a younger and ways my parents disciplined me other than spanking, though usually I'd get spanked and then something extra like writing lines, corner time or extra chores.

Once dinner was over and cleaned up we moved our conversation out to the front porch of the farmhouse. The longer we talked the more and more intrigued he seemed to become. He then stated/asked "Mom if it's so important to you and of great need then, how can I help?" Immediately I got a lump in my throat and became nervous. My son was now offering to handle what I had been lacking for a number of years. I then accepted his help and we began discussing the new role he was willing to try in our home. It basically came down to well give it a try and if successful then he'd be in charge of the household.

Here we were on the porch with the sun setting, me in a summer dress, we had agreed that he was going to try tanning my backside and I began to fidget in my seat until I heard those dreaded words "Mom why don't you go get the brush I saw you use the other day." I hesitated a minute, got to my feet and slow walked into the house to retrieve the brush from my nightstand. I brought it back and was visibly shaking when I handed it to him. "Wow mom. It's heavier than I expected. Are you sure about this?" I gave a nervous laugh and told him that we'll see I guess. I didn't even realize that I was so nervous that once I handed him the brush that my fingers began working my dress up the sides of my legs. He motioned for me to get over his lap, I leaned in and settled myself and used one hand to reach back to grab the rest of my dress exposing my rear end. He asked "it was always bare in the past right mom?" I confirmed, he pulled them down and without hesitation began dropping hard blows on one cheek and then the other. I tried to count but very quickly lost track. I've no idea how long he spanked me but my rear end was on fire and I was a bawling mess!

When he had finished he softly rubbed my butt a minute and then told me to kneel on the porch facing the pole and hold my dress up. I did as instructed being sure to stay quiet until released.

I was sent straight to bed after and told we'd talk about it in the morning. I hugged him, thanked him and kissed his cheek goodnight.





When we find ourselves alone, which is quite often, I take him by the hand and quickly guide him to a private location in our house so I can hand him off. He gets so excited and can hardly wait!

He likes it when I drop my top to let my girls out. I think it makes him cum faster and harder.

I love to look at his face when he starts to blow it all over my boobs. He gets so worked up! He grumbles and grunts with each shot of his cum. Sometimes he cums so hard for me I think his knees might buckle!

I would let him do more with me, but I don't like condoms and I don't want him to accidentally knock me up since I'm his Mom.

The older he gets, the harder and more he seems to cum. Things are getting a little messy at times. It's crazy... I didn't know a young boy could make so much cum and so often!

As much as I hate the taste of cum, I might have to start blowing him to speed things up and control all the cum spatter.

I'm a little reluctant on blowing the little beggar because once I start giving him blowjobs, he won't want anything else. Oh, God... what's a good Mother to do?




At 13, I started something taboo I didn’t know I would turn into much more. It all started in the pool with my Mom and my Sister.

We had a private backyard pool and I wanted to go skinny dipping. Soon my Sister followed suit, or lack there of, while my Mother was hesitant and remained reserved.

We swam for the rest of the afternoon like always.

The next day, we went to edge of our pool and dropped our suits before jumping in. When I came up to slick my hair back, I saw my Mom drop her top.

Her big boobs rested much lower on her without the support of her wired bikini top and I noticed she was nipping out.

I suddenly found myself growing hard seeing my Mother’s sexy big boobs; much more so than my Sisters.

My Mom started to walk down the steps of the pool when my Sister questioned my Mom about her bikini bottoms.

My Mom hesitated at first, but then felt compelled to square up with us before getting in.

My Mom unsnapped the sides of her bikini and let them drop off her as she walked into the pool.

I swam down by my Mom to get her bottoms and sneaked in a peek at her lowers seeing a completely bald pussy.

I came up in front of her to hand them to her and she told me, “Well, thank you sweetie, but you may as well throw them away… I won’t be wearing them any longer.”

After swimming for a while my Mom said, “Well, I guess I should lay out to start evening out these tan lines.”

My Mom laid in the sun and then asked for some lotion so she wouldn’t burn. My Sister went to hand her the bottle when my Mom said, “Why don’t you let your brother do it.”

I straddled my Mom as I rubbed the lotion on her shoulders and the her back. I kept going as my Mom stayed quiet. I started lower on her and still, she stayed quiet.

I worked some lotion onto my Mother’s butt as my Sister watched on.

I rested back up on my Mom’s hips and butt as I leaned over her to smell the lotion I just put all over her.

I knew she could feel my hard on I had for her but all she did was thank me for caressing her.

My hard cock began to bead up some precum so I lubed her crotch up with my cock and noticed she wasn’t stopping me.

Before my Sister knew better, I found myself trying to enter my Mom as I started pressing her with the head of my slick wet cock.

I slipped my throbbing shaft into her balls deep as I heard my Sister whisper, “Oh, my God…” when she realized I would be fuck my Mom from behind at the side of the pool.

My Mom whispered, “Your Brother is fucking me, his own Mother, and you’re going to watch him do it… just please don’t stop him… let him do it… it’s what he wants… so just let him fuck me…”

I continued taking my Mom as my Sister watched on in disbelief; I could see it on her face…

After a couple of minutes of in’s and out’s in my Mom, I couldn’t take it anymore… I was getting ready to blow it in her.

My Mom knew I was getting close and stayed quiet. I thought if she didn’t want me to cum in her she would have warned me by now, but all quiet with my Mom.

Suddenly, I began to grumble and grunt as I launched shot after shot of my hot cum as deep into my Mom as I possibly could as I pressed her from behind with all of my might.

I felt like I was trying to get my Mom pregnant even though I didn’t want to.

My Mom, with clenched teeth, encouraged me to finish cuming in her as hard as I could as she told me, “That’s it baby, bring it home… fill your Mother with all of that hot young boy cum, baby!”

I kneeled behind her and pumped her full of everything I could before reluctantly pulling out of her.

My Sister asked to see our Mother/Son cream pie load I just left in her.

I sat back to recover as I heard my Sister say, “Oh my God… you really did it… you fucked your own Mother…”