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My son is 6yrs old, he always has been a very fem boy from the time he could walk, and he one day said he was a girl. I told him if he wanted to be a girl, he'd have to let men put their dick in his butt, and he said that he would let men do that, then said he'd like it. Then he looks up at me saying you can put your dick in my butt daddy.

I said no, then he started to cry wondering why I don't love him enough to put my dick in him, I told him that I loved him very much, and he started to beg me to put my dick in him. I again said no and I loved him very much.

About a month or so later my son caught me stroking my cock at the computer, he pulls down his shorts, and started begging me to put my dick in him. I'm thinking wtf, he's 6, and wants to be fucked. So I agreed to try, but told him he has to take it all, can't cry, and has to let me finish. He said finish? I said yes, when a man reaches a point he will squirt out cum? He asks squirt cum? Then said please daddy I want to see you squirt out cum!

I to,d him to turn around, I lubed his butt hole up, then told him to bend over the chair, I lined up my cock head to his hole, and when my cock entered his ass, he let out a squeal. I told him to push out like he's trying to take a poop, when I felt him push, I shoved my cock almost all the way in his ass, and again he squealed. I said you can't cry and have to let me finish. He said in an almost crying voice okay daddy you can finish but I want to see. I started slow fucking him, and every time I was going to push my cock in him I told him "push". His asshole was so fucking tight and the excitement of fucking my 6yr old gay son, I was going to cum. I pulled out, told him to turn around quick, he turned around d dropping to his knees in from of me, and my first blast of cum hit him square in the mouth, covering his lips with my seed. As he opened his mouth I guess to taste it, my second blast went right in his mouth, as he closed his mouth, my third blast covered his chin.

After I finished blowing my load, he bursts out with "that was neat dad"!

Now my son dresses as a girl and I fuck him almost every day, sometimes a few times a day.

I want to share him with other men but don't want to get into trouble and have some assho,e tell on us.