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Ever since my son was young he always was trying to check out my dick. He first seen my dick when he was around 6yrs old because we were running late and we had to take our morning shower together, he was totally amazed with my dick When I opened my robe, dropping my underwear, let out a "WOW daddy, is your wee-wee okay? Why's it so big daddy?, Did you hurt your wee-wee daddy"?, and reached out trying to touch it, I swatted his hand away before he touched me. I explained to him it was not hurt and it's bigger because I'm bigger. It did make me think getting into the shower, why would he even noticed my dick's size. In the shower he kept trying to get close of me, then he says; "daddy, does your wee-wee get hard like mine does sometimes" and I was not sure how to answer him, I remember asking him; "your wee-wee gets hard? He says: "yeah, is that bad? Again I didn't know how to answer that ad remember asking; "when does your wee-wee get hard"? He said; "sometimes in the morning it's hard and sometimes if I rub it on my bed it feels good".

I was blown away so I said something like; "no buddy, it's okay, that happens sometimes", and he asks me; "daddy, does yours get hard in the morning like mine does"? Then he says; "daddy, I can make mine hard if you want me too". I said,; "no, hurry, wash yourself, we have to get to school"! On the ride to school he makes small talk, then comes out asking; "daddy, can I sleep with you and mommy tonight"? I knew where his mind was at, he wanted to be able to see if my dick was hard in the morning, and I say; "NO". That night when I got home everything was normal, then we're going to bed, and he follows me into our bedroom. I ask what's he's doing and he says mom said I can sleep with you guys, then sticks his tongue out at me. I called my wife in, said no, she said let him, I said no, and she insisted.

Yep you guessed it, I woke to my son touching, and squeezing my rock hard cock. I pushed his hand away, my wife already left for work, and I don't know why I did it, but I asked him if I show you something you have to promise never tell anyone. He of course agreed, so I pulled down the front of my underwear, and my rock hard cock sprang out, my son said; "dang daddy, you have a big wee-wee when it gets hard. I took my cock and started stroking it. My son reaches over to touch my cock as I'm stroking it, so I take his hand, wrap my around his, and put it on my cock, then I start stroking my cock again. I look over at him, he's staring at my cock as we stroke it, and I say; "when you get older you'll shoot out special stuff and it feels real good too". He asks what special stuff and I say; "it tastes real good too, want to taste it"? Of course he says yes, so I told him wait a second as I feel my orgasm building, and I said; "okay hurry put your mouth on it". My son put his mouth by my cock, I stopped jacking off, and put the head of my cock up my son's soft lips. I started to cum, I heard my son choke a little but he didn't pull his lips off my cock until I finished with my orgasm, and my 6yo old son drank my whole load.

That started it all, he didn't go to school that day, and I called in sick too.

My son sucked my cock and drank my cum every time I got hard, he would lay there between my legs sucking my limp dick trying to get me hard again.