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I just got divorced because my wife thought I was gay. She caught me looking at gay porn and that did it. I denied it but of course she was right. I have never admitted any gay experiences to her and never will. She was a fucking bitch anyway. On the first night of my freedom in my own place I got on-line with a guy I had sucked once. I invited him over and he agreed. He said there was one condition: I had to be blindfolded as he had a special treat for me. I agreed. I left the door unlocked like he told me and was on the bed naked with a sleeping mask on. I couldn't see a thing. I heard him come in and hoped it was him not anybody else I might know. He spoke and I knew it was him. I minute later he positioned me so my head was at the foot of the bed. He leaned over and shoved his cock in my mouth. It was bigger than mine and I choked every time he shoved it in. Then he had me turn over on my belly. When I did he tied my hands behind my back.

I figured this was the surprise but was really surprised when he had me raise my ass up and he started to lick my hole. Then he had me roll over again. He bent down and was sucking me when I heard him say to open my mouth. I did and another cock moved past my lips. This cock was big enough that I could barely get my lips around it. At the same time I felt a finger enter my asshole. I'd never been ass fucked and didn't know if I really wanted to but was sort of in a compromising position. I had no idea who I was sucking, only that his cock was really big. He quickly got hard and mouth fucked me until my jaw hurt. Then he pulled out and they traded places. I felt my asshole was stretched out about as far as it would go by his fingers but got a huge shock when that big cock pushed its way in. It hurt a little at first but the more he fucked me the better it felt. He was filling my ass like I could never imagine. One huge cock in my ass and the other one in my mouth. The guy in my mouth came first. I had no choice but to swallow. He kept mouth fucking me even after he was spent while the stud in my ass lasted a good 20 minutes and without warning filled me to overflowing. I felt his warm cum come out the way it went in.

I thought we were about done when my friend asked if I wanted his buddy to keep fucking me. He said the dude could multi-cum as he put it. I said yes but only if he let me know who it was. About that time the other guy started to fuck me again. His cock barely got soft before he was fully hard and pounding me like I was his bitch. He literally wore my asshole out. It was three days before I could shit normally again. Anyway, he fucked me for at least a half hour and came inside me again. When he finally pulled his cock out of my ass the guy I was sucking managed to cum a second time. It wasn't much cum but enough to taste.

I figured they would let me look at who just fucked me but by the time my friend untied me and took my mask off the other guy was gone. He lied and never told me who it was who fucked me but we have now done this about five times now. Sometimes it was that mysterious guy and a couple of times it was somebody else. I never found out who I have been sucking and fucking but man it makes it exciting.