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Growing up my dad drove truck. He was gone for weeks at a time and I always knew the first night back he and mom would fuck. I could hear them and a couple of times their door was cracked open and I saw my mom munching down on dad's cock. After about the third night home they got in some sort of argument and dad would leave for several hours. When I was old enough to start driving I followed him one night. He ended up several miles away at a strange house. I parked close enough I could see the front door and a woman opened the door for him. Before the door was even closed they were kissing. About two hours later he came out and went to the bar. At that point I went home. The next time it happened he drove to the same house. It was dark so I snuck around the side of the house and happened to be looking in the bedroom. Dad and this woman were in a 69 position. I had seen enough so I headed home.

A couple days later dad went back on the road again. The first night was a normal night but the second night was a little different. It was a Friday night and mom was drinking. For the first time she said I was old enough to drink. After two bottles of wine we were pretty wasted. We were watching TV. She got up to go to the bedroom and when she came back she was in a pair of sheer panties and a see through nightgown. Her nipples were sticking out and I couldn't help but glance at them throughout the movie we were watching. Then she said "You know, your dad's a fucking cheater." I just shook my head. Then she said "I have half a mind to go fuck some stranger." My cock was showing through the gym shorts I was wearing but I didn't give a fuck by this time. I said "No. You don't want to do that. You never know what you might catch." Throughout the night I scooted a little closer to her and by this time we were nearly touching. "So honey what do you suggest?" she asked. I had never fucked anyone or even got a blowjob before but had watched plenty of porn and jerked off a lot so I knew what was going on in my body. Her eyes wee a little droopy and she didn't even seem surprised when I put her hand on my cock and put my hand on her tit. "Honey this is not right" she said as she squeezed my cock. Then I slipped my hand under her nightie to her bare tit. I rolled her nipple a little and she moaned. "Oh fuck honey that's good." I looked down and she was rubbing her pussy with her other hand. Then she turned to me and kissed me. Her tongue was long and probed my entire mouth as she stroked me.

She broke the kiss and looked at me in the eyes. "I think you're the one I'm gonna fuck" she said and told me to take off my shorts. When I did she said my cock looked just like dad's only bigger. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. She told me to lay down and when I did she stripped and mounted me in a 69, sticking her cunt on my mouth. She kept saying to tongue fuck her. She deep throated me until I was ready to cum. When I said I was cumming she clamped down on my cock and I let it fly. I hadn't jerked off in a couple of days so my balls were full but she swallowed every fucking drop I had to give. She kept sucking me until I was hard again. She sat up with her cunt still on my mouth and kept saying "Oh fuck Jim that's so fucking good." Jim is my dad's name. She thought my dad was eating her. The wine was having its full effect on her now and she didn't have a clue who she was sitting on. After a few more minutes she turned around and sat on my cock. My first blowjob and now my first fuck. She was gyrating on my cock and leaned forward. She started kissing me and moaning. Then she rolled us over and told me to fuck her harder. She was moaning and yelled I'm cumming, I'm cumming. She shuddered and collapsed a little. "Oh fuck honey, that's the first time you made me cum twice." I pulled out even thought I hadn't cum yet but she said we weren't finished yet. She turned over and got on all fours. She stuck her ass up in the air and said to give it to her hard. I scooted forward and shoved my cock in her cunt and started to fuck her. Being a horny teenager I can stay hard a long time after I cum the first time. I fucked her until she came again. Then she was saying "Oh honey oh honey I need you in my mouth." She turned over and positioned me on top in a 69 again. I had my cock nearly all the way in her mouth and was tongue fucking her soaked pussy when I felt a wet finger slip into my asshole. She gently finger fucked me while she sucked me like a fucking vacuum. I made her cum one more time and when I said I was cumming she again swallowed every fucking drop.

When I was finally spent I rolled off of her. Her eyes were closed and within 30 seconds she was asleep. I figured she was unconscious so I started to play with her nipples again. She moaned occasionally but really never stirred. I sucked on them for a bit and was getting hard again. This is the first time I got hard after cumming two times. I really didn't know what to do with her so I just kept sucking on her nipples and jerking off. It felt great when I rubbed my hand up and down her wet cunt and got my hand slippery to jerk off with. I lasted about 20 minutes and felt I was gonna cum I leaned over her and splashed her tit with my jizz.

I was finally spent and went to bed. When I got up in the morning she was sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee. She didn't indicate anything was any different. I was almost getting hard again just thinking about it. When I asked her if she slept well she said she dreamed that dad came home early but otherwise she slept pretty well. I went about my day that Saturday and got home about 5:00 that night. She had already gone through a bottle of wine and was working on the second bottle. She was already in her robe and looked like she was dressed for bed. I figured she had no memory of the night before. But when she walked over and locked the front door and drew the curtains I was suspicious. She was pretty tipsy and walked over to the couch. She opened her robe and was naked underneath. "Honey, I remember everything from last night and you're just the fucking stud I've been waiting. Your dad never made me cum so hard and I need to do it again." I stammered a bit but she assured me it was okay, that it would be our secret. We got drunk again and fucked like rabbits. Eventually we started fucking sober and I learned all about a woman's body.

By the time I was 18 She was having me fuck her in the ass and dad about had a shit fit when he found her strap-on one night. He never did discover it was the strap-on she fucked me with. I eventually got married to a very uninhibited woman and we have every kind of sex you could imaging. After 30 years of dad cheating mom finally divorced him. I was 28 at the time and one night she asked if I could come over. My wife had no problem with me visiting mom as she didn't know about our incest. Mom and I hadn't fucked since I moved out at 19 so I wasn't expecting anything but when she opened the second bottle and opened her robe she said she really needed my big cock. That started it all over again. My wife never found out and for the next six years at least once a month mom and I would open the wind and go at it. I love my mom to death and it's no wonder my wife looks a lot like her.