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So I've been a single dad for a few years. My son is in college and grew up with our next door neighbor Terry. My son John stayed at school that Christmas but Terry had come home. I knew from his second year at university that he was a cross dresser and liked to wear panties and dresses. I didn't care. I thought he made a pretty girl. I didn't think anything of it coming home that Friday early from work when I heard a commotion form the other next door's back yard. I walked to the fence and looked over it. There I saw my next door neighbor Denny standing over their outdoor table with Terry's dress on. He had the dress hiked over his back and was being fucked by Terry. I never imagined straight Denny liked to be ass fucked. I had sucked a few cocks since my wife died but never thought to hit on Denny. They didn't see me as I walked around and entered his back yard. I walked right up to them and just stood there.

A few seconds later Terry saw me and said "Oh fuck Mike." I tried to stand up and I pushed him back down. I told him I wanted to see Terry fill his ass. He seemed a little uncomfortable but finally relaxed and let Terry fuck him until he filled Denny's ass with his load. Terry finally pulled out and said he had to get home. Denny was embarrassed but I told him that I thought he was sexy in that dress and wanted to suck his cock. He seemed surprised but stood up in front of me. I sat in a chair by the table and told him to pulled his dress up. He pulled the dress up over his face and stood there. His cock looked delicious. I leaned in and took his cock in my mouth. He said his wife would be home in about 20 minutes and he had to be in real clothes. As I sucked him I cupped his nuts and eventually moved my hand down to his ass. As I slipped a finger in his ass it felt slippery with Terry's cum oozing out of his ass. He told me to put two, then three fingers in his ass. I was finger fucking him when he came. He filled my mouth and I took it all.

When he finally pulled out of my mouth and said he had to get changed before his wife got home I told him to make an excuse and come over after dinner. He took off his dress and gave the dress and panties to me and said to take them home and he'd be there about eight o'clock. I made sure I had plenty of beer available when he showed up at 8:30. We drank for about an hour and I told him I wanted him to suck my cock. He said he had never done that before, even after I caught him being fucked by Terry. I stripped and stood in front of him. He started sucking me and when I said I was going to cum he hesitated then put my cock as deep into his mouth as he could. I started cumming and he started swallowing. He actually took it all. Then I asked if he could cum again. He said he wasn't sure so I stroked him until he was hard then bent over the back of my couch and told him to fuck me. He stood behind me and put his cock up to my asshole and pushed in. He fucked me for the next half hour and finally said he was cumming. I let him cum in my ass and felt it run down my inner thigh as he pulled his cock out.

We sat on the couch naked for a bit and drank a few more beers. We talked about our gay experiences and agreed that we could either suck or fuck each other whenever we had the chance. He spent most Sundays at my place watching football and having sex. That was until his wife caught us. Now he's divorced but that hasn't stopped him from being with me nearly every Sunday. I finally invited him to move in with me and he did. It is a great relationship. We share all the expenses and get as much cock and ass as we want. Now we've even talked about joining a swingers' group and are looking forward to even more cock than we ever dreamed of.