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I met this woman for a blind date, she had a daughter, Heather who was 7yrs, I have two boys, Dillon who is 16yrs, and Jacob who is 14yrs old. Her and I fucked that night, and then that started a sexual relationship. The kids got along great, my boys watched over her like bothers, and we wanted to move in together. The house I owned only was a two bedroom, I wanted to wait until I sold my house, and she said she would move in until I sold the house, and then Heather could just bunk with the boys. That was perfect because I'm a total perv, my two boys and I have all played before a couple times, just sucking each other off. So I know exactly how it's going to play out with Heather bunking with my two boys, then Kim (my gf) was a total freak in bed, and it made me wonder, does she not see how a 7yr old girl bunking with two boys going through puberty would end up?

So they move in, everything is fine, then one night I caught them, Jacob was laying on his bed, Heather was bending over next to the bed sucking him, and Dillon was behind her just drilling her. As I watched this scene, the only sound Heather was making was slurping sounds, and light mmmmmm sounds. I walked in just as Dillon started filling her pussy, I paused as I opened my robe grabbing my hardening cock, as Dillon pulled out I touched him on the shoulder, and he jumped sky high, I almost started laughing. I put my finger over my mouth telling him to be quite, just then Heather went to stand up so I stepped behind her quickly putting my hand on her back, and Dillon says; "No stay there Heather, I'm not done". I look at her gaping hairless pussy dripping Dillon's cum, with my cock still in hand, I line it up to her little hole, and push my cock into her. She grunted, then looked back, I put my finger over my mouth again, she smiled at me, and simply went back to sucking Jacob's dick. I pulled back a little and shoved my cock into her pussy, she gasped as she went forward putting both hands on the bed to stop herself, and she looked back saying; "wow you have a big one"! I simply want; "shhhhhh", pulled back a little and pushed my cock back into her, she again grunted. Then I started slow fucking her cum filled preteen pussy, her little pussy was so fucking tight on my cock, but my cock easily slid in and out of her now gaping pussy hole, and in no time I started filling her with cum.

As time went on, a few times a week I'd sneak into the kids room and fuck Heather's little pussy. This went on a few months, then one day I caught Dillon fucking Kim (my gf), she freaked out apologizing, begging me to forgive her, and I say; "How would you feel if you caught me fucking Heather and what would you do"? She answers; "as long as you're not forcing her or hurting her, Dillon wanted to, I didn't hurt him or make him do anything". I say; "Well since I'd never know if you two are fucking or not, then I guess it's okay, (looking at Dillon), you can fuck her anytime you want, (looking back to Kim), so I think the kids should sleep with us tonight and let's get everything in the open". Kim looked at me funny and said; "Okay". As we was going to bed that night I told both boys to play with Kim and I'll play with Heather. I'm not sure what Kim said to Heather, but when we got into the bedroom, Heather stripped and got on the bed spreading her legs. I looked over at Kim, she was looking at me, then she smiled at me, and I couldn't get my cloths off fast enough. I get between Heather's legs and started licking her little bald pussy. After 10 minutes or so I felt the bed rocking, I looked up and Dillon was on top of Kim fucking her, Kim is looking at me still smiling. I get up on my knees between Heather's legs, line my cock up to her little pussy, and look back at Kim, she whispers; "Fuck her baby". I started working my cock into Heather's preteen pussy, since Heather was already used to my cock, I started shoving my cock all the way inside Heather's little body, and as I'm looking at Heather's bald pussy taking my cock I hear Kim almost yell; "Oh fuck yes, fuck our baby's little pussy"! I then heard Dillon moaning as he filled Kim's pussy with cum I started drilling Heather's pussy and I started filling Heather's pussy with seed just as Jacob was pumping his cum in Kim's mouth. After we all laid there a while laughing, joking around with each other, Heather then rolled over, started licking my cock, and says; "I like yours in me, it's bigger", I replied; "So you like big cock huh"? Heather chuckles then said; "Yep, because I can feel you squirt your juice in me" and Kim looks at me then said; "Oh fuck is that hot and makes my pussy tingle".

I fucked Heather more than I fucked Kim, within a couple months Kim was pregnant, by who we don't know because Dillon, Jacob, and myself would creampie Kim's pussy every time we fucked her. Kim had a girl, her name is Sabrina, and it was not long before Kim wanted me to cum on Sabrina's baby pussy so she could lick it off as she fingered herself. Heather was pregnant at 13 and had a little boy we named Thomas. I was able to start fucking Sabrina when she was around 5, at this point Kim started getting into huge dildos, and she'd watch me fuck Sabrina as she smashed her cunt with a monster dildo. Kim would lay with her gaping cunt open, then Dillon, Jacob, and I would jack off then cum in Kim's pussy, and then Kim would take one of them monster dildo shoving our cum deep in her womb.