when i was younger around 6 my Foster dad introduced me to the shower head in the bath. It would always make me orgasm so hard. He would bath me and hold the shower head on my Clit I till I started shaking.he would asked me to let him know when I had a funny feeling happening in my tummy which now I realised he wanted me to tell him when my orgasm was building. When I started cumming he would shove his middle finger straight up deep inside me and tell me he wanted to feel me dancing and pulsing on his finger! But really he was just checking that I had cum properly because if I hadn’t he would put the shower head back on my Clit and turn the hot water up and give me a Clit punishment but it did feel nice aswell weirdly. Which would make me cum even harder. I never knew what it was at the time but he would cum instantly from watching me and his cum would go all over me and just float around in the bath. After a while he asked me if I wanted to try sticking the hose up inside me so it could feel me up. he told me that’s what big girls do to wash themselves. I agreed because I wanted to please him and it was such a bizarre feeling but I did like it aswell! He would fill me right up and I would push all the water out after. it made me feel like a balloon lol. This eventually moved onto a anal enema which I cried the first time as it didn’t feel great at all but after a few months it got easier. It really used to clear me out and poo would be all in the bath he turned into a regular thing every time I was constipated he would give me one with the shower hose We would both giggle at watching my belly inflate and he would tell me that’s what I’m going to look like one day when he’s put a baby in me which I didn’t really understand being so young. I got absolutely addicted to that man making me cum and would get very excited when I knew it was bath night. I got moved foster placement after 5 years or so and I still carry out our special nightly routines. I’m now 25 and still do all the things he used to do to me in the bath to get myself off. I fantasise about him playing with me even though I know it’s wrong I can’t help it. I would of loved to have a baby with him so we could carry on the fun.