My wife's kinkyness gets the best of her bless her, she always had something for our daughters, Cindy 9 and Laura 11, and knows I find them exciting too.We do silly games like she has asked me before to smell our daughters panties to "check if I think there's anything wrong" with a knowing smile and a glance down at my crotch.

But things have moved on and I am soooo happy...after catching our daughters playing doctor (innocently, just pretend to hear etc) she has asked them why not play all together ?

So, last weekend we played exploring our bodies.

My wife had this planned out and we are starting out slowly, she had me wear a lab coat as "chef doctor" to hide my boner for now, everyone else in underwear.

We went over all parts non explicit, feet, bellybuttons, hands, tickling and massaging, comparing (they love finding the similarities between mom and dad and themselves, like that little tear drop shape at the tip of the fingers mom and the girls share, or being able to roll the tongue like daddy), it was really fun...and I was hard as a rock, and mom, well she was really really wet.

Mom told the girls of exercises that her doctor physiotherapist has her do and suggested she show them and they do the same, which thankfully for me they found a great idea...

My dirty minded wife of course showed them splits, back arches with bums up as much as possible, crouches and had them do them like her, with Dad to supervise and check its done right of course. I had to really keep a grip on myself to not let my hands wander where they should not..

My wife chose tight underwear for the girls for the day, the panties would ride up between their lips on splits and crouches and reveal the side of their bare little lips...

My wife would touch my crotch and smirk when they were not watching...She had the mind to end the game before we lost control and freaked the girls out thankfully.

After the game my wife gave me a a wonderful blowjob, talking how hot she found them which drives me even crazier. She got the girls to change panties before bed and brought over the sweaty little panties of the day for me to smell while she blew me... I came so! fucking! hard!!

We are both so excited about playing again and taking it further....the girls had fun, they requested we do this again, they really liked playing all together, we kept it light hearted and fun and funny for them.

I leave the planning to her. She is thinking of introducing applying cream..maybe something along me showing how I massage mommies back and butt... see if they want to try massaging mommy too or daddy massage them...

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