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Our daughter is the average eight year old, blond, blue eyes, small frame, and very out going. I'm going to make a long story short here, I walked into our daughter's room to say time for bed, and she was nude, on her knees with her head on the floor (it looked like she was looking under her be) with the family shepard trying to mount her. When I walked in she jumped up to her feel, I was like the fuck Cindy, and she says that she was looking for shorts under her bed when the dog kept jumping up on her, saying that she could not get him off. It sounded logical and I scolded the dog sending him out of her room.

For the next week I made sure the dog was not around her and it was over the following week I stopped paying attention. I woke up around midnight one night, wanted to get something to drink, and as I walked past our daughter's room, I heard what sounded like my daughter was jumping on her bed. When I slowly opened the door, she's kneeling next to her bed with her upper half laying on her bed, and our dog was behind her just drilling her. I stood there a few seconds in shock, as I was standing there in shock I could see the dog's cum dripping from her pussy, and I had a full view of the dog's dick assaulting my daughter's little bald pussy. I in a loud whisper said "CINDY", she jumped up, and started in with he would not get off me. I asked how he got into her room, she said the door must have been opened, I said how did he even get you off the bed, and she said that the dog pulled her bottom half off the bed then put his dick in her (yes she used the word dick too).

I was not buying it all this time, as I talked to her to find out why, she told me that she was curious, and when the dog did it, she paused then said "well it hurt at first, but after a few times, it sort of felt good". I could not believe it, we talked for a little while and I told her to go clean up, then go to bed. The dog slept in our room for the next few days. During that time, every time the dog moved at night, visions of the dog's cock drilling my daughter's pussy kept flooding my mind. It was like the third night I got up to go check on her, I peeked into her room, she seemed to be sleeping, and she was uncovered. As I went in to cover her up, she was laying on her back, and her panties were riding up into her pussy giving her the most perfect cameltoe I've ever seen. I looked down at my little daughter's cameltoe, I pictured that dog's cock drilling her (which was not much smaller then my cock), and the next thing I know, I'm rubbing my cock through my sleep pants. I figured that I'd just jackoff real quick, no one would know, and I pulled the front of my sleep pants down unleashing my cock.

Now I'm standing there stroking my cock, as I looked at my daughter's cameltoe, and pictured me fucking her. Then she turned onto her side, which freaked my out making me to put my cock away quickly, and she then slid her bottom half off the bed, so she was in the exact same position as she was when the dog was fucking her. She didn't look at me, her face was down into the bed as she knelt there, and I hear her whisper as she wiggled her little butt, "go ahead daddy, do it". I hesitated at first, then I knelt down behind her, pulled her panties down to her knees, then started rubbing my cock up, and down her pussy slit. I don't know if it was because of my pre-cum or because she was wet, but she was ready, and when my cock head reached her pussy hole, I pushed my cock into my daughter's pussy. She didn't make a sound, so I pushed more of my cock in her, and again she didn't even make a sound.

Then I pushed the rest of my cock in her, I got a moan our of her, and I started to slow fuck her. After maybe a minute, Cindy picks her head u, and whispers, "do it faster daddy". So I start really fucking her, as I was fucking her, I heard her say, "harder daddy", and I felt her fingers touch my cock, I knew she was rubbing her clit as I was fucking her. So I get a good grip on her hips and started fucking drilling her tight little pussy. Even through all the thrusting I was doing, I felt Cindy start to shake, and she started really moaning rather loudly. Just knowing that my eight year old daughter was having an orgasm as I was fucking her preteen pussy pushed me over the edge and I started pumping my cum inside her little body. We both just collapsed, I slowly pulled out of her pussy, and heard plopping sounds as my cum leaked from her pussy. I sat on the bed and started telling her that she can never tell anyone, she said, "I know daddy, I'm not stupid". Then she asks me to lay with her for a bit, so I got in bed with her, snuggled her up, and we both fell asleep fast.

I told my wife that she had a bad dream and I went to lay with her, then fell asleep.

Our daughter is eleven now and I fuck her more than I do her mother.