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This morning (22-05-23) I was doing my usual Monday morning routine when my phone rang, it was my mother calling to see how I was.

I was enjoying myself and told her I was dealing with a huge cock up at the moment so she said "explains why your out of breath then" I laughed at that and said "yes it is"

She said she'd call back later and left me to finish what I was doing, Well what I was dealing with was literally a huge cock up, My wife goes out on Monday mornings and I get to be a slut.

I get changed into Lingerie and heels and do my makeup and put on a wig before my neighbour comes around with his dog ( Irish wolf hound) so they can both give me a good fucking, I was already knotted and taking a huge load of cum into my ass from the dog while licking and sucking my neighbours cock when the phone rang, My neighbour answered the call and passed me the phone with a huge grin on his face.

He struggled to hold it together when I said I was dealing with a huge cock up and before The call ended he sprayed his cum onto my face just before the dogs knot pulled out, I turned and was busy licking and sucking the dogs cock clean and my neighbour took a turn using my well stretched ass by inserting his fist and then his cock and actually wanked himself inside my ass.

That was what drove me over the edge and I emptied my balls onto the floor, the dog moved and began licking up my cum so I got my neighbour to re-insert his dogs cock back into my ass before sliding his cock in alongside it, I was soon given another load of spunk into my ass and to finish I licked and sucked them both clean.

They left and I got changed and cleaned up before my wife came home but we have made plans to do a video call with someone next time.




Hi I (male 45) have been given an ultimatum by my wife of twenty years.

For context I have always crossdressed and my wife has always known, I had never had sex outside of our marriage and only ever voiced my fantasies to her while having sex together.

Two years ago now my wife's medical condition meant we could no longer have sex! my wife told me then that if I was horny she would be ok with me acting out some of my fantasies in front of her.

I now have several sessions a week where I crossdress and am either gangbanged by a local "gang" for want of a better description of black men sometimes as many as eight in a day.

I also have regular sex with our two male Rottweilers and sometimes our neighbour and his dog come around and spit roast me in our garden, my wife has watched and sometimes even enjoyed seeing me being used as a cum dump.

Recently however she has complained that I want to go too far as I have expressed the desire to both suck and be fucked by a horse cock and that I have too much sex, as Her carer as well as husband I doo care what she thinks but I have already arranged a weekend away for us in a country cottage with both our dogs, six well hug black guys and access to a horse and I AM going to spend the whole time dressed as a slut with as much cock in me and cum on me as I can take.

The idea is I will decide which I prefer Human, Dog or horse cock and just stick to which ever I choose after which will mean less sex but better enjoyment, I will write an account of my weekend and tell you the result later, XXX




Was on a camping trip for about 2 weeks, first week was the norm fire cookout, floating the water, and enjoying the bliss of nature in your camp slot alone. Plus the motor home is nice. Second week the regulars that work away and stay in their site all season started coming around and hanging out invitations to cookouts and drinks vise versa. There was another young couple there around my age that had been coming by most nights just shooting the shit and drinking around the fire. They were nice and well rounded. They had a friend well it was the ladies friend who had been staying out there with them who would tag along. She was a bomb shell meek alt girl dark brunette, tats, gauges, 5 ft 2 and like 110 120 lbs. Medium small but proportioned chest and firm little ass. We kicked off good, I'm a relaxed man with the luck of making even the most shy people be comfortable and no shame. I dint do awkward.

We were throwing jokes and humor was matched mostly. Didn't have any intentions that I was projecting though just enjoying the company that could hang with the banter. But in the privacy of my rv I def was thinking about her rodeo for sure. A few nixts before the weekend I was planning to move to another campground for a few weeks Kaih asked to use my bathroom in my rv which is not a problem. But normally most everyone just runs over to use their own since in general most people are only a few slots away. But anyways she goes in and used my bathroom and when she came out she just kept throwing glaces up and down smirking.

I couldn't understand why but it was no biggie, I'd just smirk back and laugh. All the while thinking what is that all about lol, thinking and thinking, drinking and drinking. When suddenly I thought of what it could be. I had left a few play things out on my shelf in the master room. I glaced up at her and she knew I had figured it out. Nervously wondering if she was judging or wanting to play for the next few hours we are all buzzed pretty decent. Not white girl wasted but feeling the booze. Her friends say they are going to turn in and that kaih has the code and can het in when she's ready to leave. Which was what she wanted because soon as their door closes on their camper she came right over to me in a flash and told me I saw things in your room. Holding my breathe waiting to see her verdict she reached down and grabbed me squeezing lightly and pulling my cock. Making it hard she pulled a short leg up and pulled it out and started gaging and drooling on my cock getting it soaked. I moved her bikini bottom over and cuped her pussy and she was already leaking out into my hands. She moved us into the rv I shut all the blinds and curtains turned out the lights for the ambient lights ttuned on ac to have the fan running outside and put on a show.

She had gone in earlier as I said but not only used the bathroom but had gone in and looked at my stuff. She found my cage and unlocked it, and while I was sound proofing she had gone back into the room and received the cage. She told me to take is my pants and as I sat down pretty much naked. She says I'm going to cage you bad boy and she did locking me in and leaning me over she basically climbs up and solved my face into her pussy riding my face and she makes me tongue her deep as she grinds my face she gets off abs squirts all over me. After that she turns around standing she rocks back and buried my mouth in her ass which I love. I'm fighting getting hard as I'm licking her asshole she's poking her tongue in the holes in my cage, grasping my balls and sucking them.

She swings around after squirttin on me a few more times and making precum run from my cage she sits and slide her pussy leaking away on my cage age asks if she can give me a rimjob uhmm yes absolutely, so I move over the arm of the couch and she hits her knees and literally licked my ass for maybe 20 seconds before she is full blown tonguing my ass working her tongue in skillfully until she can pit it all on.

She finally sets me loose and takes off my cage jerking my cock while eating my ass out. I finally stand her up and turn her around she puts her fingers in her pussy and just let's me take her ass and I've never been with a girl before or since that has been like literally fuck her ass as rough as you want. She came and squirted all over me so many times I dumped 3 loads in her ass and we were on four when she moved her hand down and went behind my balls and put a wet find on my ass and slide it in telling my bad boy needs to give his secret slum the biggest load because she wants to cuddle and leak it out on me. She's fingered me while slapping her ass down on me and with a Hella moan I came so hard that I had to grab the dresser to keep us up.

It was a bunch more freaky play the rest of the time I was there. And the 4th of July for two weeks she's coming to stay out with me at one of the state park sites for some boujee class action can't wait.




My boss at the office wants to breed me. His dick is big, his choice of trousers does not help him at all. And that just means it makes things very hard for me. My boss young and married, but he was talking about having sex with me raw and cumming deep inside me . I tell him we can’t. But my pussy is always very soaked or I try to control my mind from not thinking about doing it.




I don’t know what it is but I LOVE DP porn, gangbangs and bondage. I’ve experimented with bondage but not too much with the others. I’m not the best with anal either.

But I have toms of fantasies about my holes being used by multiple big dicks as I’m fucked senseless. I want to feel every load drip out of my little pussy.

I have no idea where to even start

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